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Apart from grouse about fireworks I’ve…

Painted my kitchen and made my Christmas cake (no photos yet), and done some of each of these projects:  

I went on a little visit to my favourite yarn store Marmalade Yarns and took a few pix!  





Resisted this Skein Queen with all my might: 


Bought some sparkly buttons: 


And a little bit of Rowan Handknit cotton to make a doily to match this mug: 


Lucy visited… 

 I swear that dog is grinning! 

Mollie was not impressed to have Lucy’s feet on her! 


And Mollie has been happier tonight in her Thundershirt.  


Though less impressed when I declined to share my chocolate!  



15 thoughts on “Apart from grouse about fireworks I’ve…

  1. I am glad the thunder shirt works, poor baby.
    The projects are coming along, they look great! I love the stitch markers, by the way.. 🙂 As for your local yarn store, how you made it out with those few purchases amazes me. 🙂

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  2. Lucy does smile. My dogs hated the thundershirts, glad Mollie is more relaxed in hers. I am impressed with your accomplishments. Painting the kitchen, getting ready for the holidays, and shopping!

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  3. I have yarn shop envy. We have nothing like that in easy reach really. Our local craft shop has a few bits but has really reduced their range since two of the Charity shops started stocking new balls of yarn, needles and patterns etc. I do think it’s wrong because the craft shop simply can’t compete on price (having to pay higher business taxes and the like) and though the charity shops don’t have as much choice, many people are attracted by the lower price and will compromise quality and choice for a ‘bargain’.

    The craft shop is also competing against one of the national chains as well which also offers a decent range of yarn but at lower prices – the advantage of buying in, in bulk I guess.

    Really like the Christmassy buttons and your sparkly ones 🙂 x


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