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A crochet creature – part 3 (FO) 

Meet Nigel.  

Nigel, as you may have gathered is a reindeer.  


He’s crocheted arigumi style, and was, I have to say, a very easy make. You just had to get on and do it! He’s destined for my friend Josh, who I hope will like him a lot.  

Pattern: Arigumi Reindeer by Millionbells

Yarn: Countrystyle DK

Hook: 3.75

He just seemed like a Nigel. And now that’s his name. 

16 thoughts on “A crochet creature – part 3 (FO) 

  1. I had nothing for the guesses part and a reindeer would never have made the possibilities list! He’s very cute and I have a daughter who likes him very much – apparently she is a quiet follower of your blog. I’ll hunt down the pattern for her as this Christmas crocheting is the next thing for her to learn now she has mastered knitting. And ‘Nigel’ suits him 🙂

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  2. Nigel is absolutely perfect! It will be a much loved gift. I thought it was originally going to be a moose—my down eastern life style is showing through. Then I thought, “I don’t think they have moose in England.”

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