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Stitching Santa Unpacked!

I posted earlier in the week about receiving my parcel and showed you the fabulous bandana Mollie received. Today I decided to open my parcels in the quiet hour we had after my sister and her children had departed after breakfast & stocking parcels. (As an aside, I’m glad I did as immediately afterwards D flooded the kitchen by leaving a tap running in the kitchen sink with the plug in – long term readers of my blog will understand how I felt about more water in the kitchen – and discovered that when our Lino was put down the fitters had rammed our washing machine under the work surface and we couldn’t get it out to dry behind it… Just what you want at Christmas!) 

Anyway before all that happened, I had a lovely time opening my Stitching Santa parcels. Firstly I opened Mollie’s card and discovered it was from Mr Hicks! I knew then that my Santa was Bekki from Dartmoor Yarns 😊 – here are my lovely presents, minus one item, which we’ll come back to…

Two balls of the most beautifully soft teal coloured pure Bluefaced Leicester lace weight yarn from Blacker Breeds:  

  Brilliant choice Bekki – and one of my absolute favourite colours, as you may have guessed from the colour of my sofa! 

There was also this lovely handmade ‘small project’ project bag:  
A bead box ( I LOVE it!)  

Some pretty stitch markers: 

And two beautiful buttons:  

 They will be going on something special. 
And now on to a bit of a piece de resistance! Bekki sent me a handmade fabric crown that matched Mollie’s bandana! It’s brilliant. Here I am wearing it with Molls:  

And I wore it all day – even while cooking – here I am posing in the Christmas aprons Mum made my sister and I as we cooked the dinner!  

Thank you so much Bekki, I loved your parcels.    And thank you to Sewchet for organising the Stitching Santa. Xx

13 thoughts on “Stitching Santa Unpacked!

  1. It looks like you had an awesome Christmas! Well, aside from the faucet incident. My father left a burner on this morning, but fortunately I caught it before anything transpired… like a house fire. I was just reading about Blacker Breeds yarns, you’ll have to let us know how it works up. The aprons are brilliant, I know where you and your sister inherited your talent from. Merry Christmas!


    1. We did have a lovely Christmas. My dear husband decided to tell me I was the size of a small house at dinner time, which didn’t overly thrill me, but as he had a) had a glass of wine and b) appeared to be joking, I have decided to let it go. Well sort of. 😱


      1. Oh no! How rude of him, perhaps you should remind him insulting the person who does the cooking can lead to unexpected intestinal turmoil… for him. My father called me a packrat this morning, you think my father and your husband might be related somehow?

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      2. It’s possible. Is your father very sweet most of the time with occasional lapses into what he thinks is humour? Anyway he didn’t have intestinal trouble – unless you count wind 😱- but he did have to sit through and participate in my family playing a long and quite tedious game of Mexican Train (it’s a dominoes game).

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      3. Yeah, I’d say the description fits. My father is a bit heavy handed with the sarcasm though, I blame it on him being born on Halloween.

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  2. Hi Claire! So glad you liked my choices and delighted you wore the crown all day πŸ™‚ It was fun choosing and making and I especially loved making the crown. Sorry to hear about hubby. Definitely think you should cut his wine ration.

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  3. You and Molly look wonderful in matching crown and bandana. There is no good time to flood a kitchen but on a holiday it is particularly a no-no. The package had lots of great stuff in it. BFL yarn is specially scrumptious.

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  4. Yarn in your favourite colour (and weight?) that matches your home decor – perfect! Love the her-and-her bandana/crowns; what a thoughtful touch. Methinks hubby regretted those words almost before they were uttered, humourously intended or not! Great aprons, too, you mad pair. Thanks for taking part and I’m glad you enjoyed it:)

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