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Crazy lace scarf knitting woman

So, I think longterm blogger friends will be very well aware of my ability to procrastinate until the last minute with projects and also to get fixated on something that isn’t a priority… 

On December 11th I cast on a lace scarf as a gift for my very lovely line manager, who has made settling in to my new job such a pleasure. Her birthday is January 10th, which would have given me PLENTY of time to knit a 49 stitch scarf with 2 set ups of 30 rows and 24 repeats of a 16 row pattern. Plenty.  

 Devon Sun Yarns ‘Dazzler’ in green. Just the most glorious coloured yarn. 

And having got this far, it sat in its project bag until the weekend before I went back to work, at which point I realised I needed to get motoring or it wouldn’t be finished.  

 By knitting like a loon I finished the first half on Monday evening…

And cast on the second half:  

Tuesday and Wednesday evening I sat in the kitchen at the table and got to half way through the second half:  

 I wasn’t sure how much yarn I had so I kept weighing the ball to make sure!  

Then late on Wednesday evening I discovered that listening to an exciting audio book made me knit faster (or possibly it was the thought of finishing!)
So Thursday I put on a good book and got stuck in. After 3 repeats I decided (it was 10.30pm) that I could finish this tonight and went for it. My needles have never clacked together so fast!  

I was however very definitely playing yarn chicken for the last couple of repeats… 

And finally it was done with 2 metres of yarn left!  

I did a three needle bind off to join the two pieces (a new technique to me but beautifully neat!) and suddenly I had a finished scarf.  

I post the flash and no flash pictures as it was taken at midnight and the technique is more visible in the no flash but the colours are more accurate with the flash… 

I’m now off to block the beast. Will post a pic when it’s a final FO!


    8 thoughts on “Crazy lace scarf knitting woman

    1. Well done – nothing like an imminent deadline to get the needles moving! It looks like a lovely combination of yarn and pattern.
      I like knitting and crocheting to a good audio book too – any recommendations?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m currently working through the Harry Potter series! Though my favourites are anything by Terry Pratchett or Georgette Heyer, particularly her detective novels. I also like Lindsay Davis’ new series. 😊


    2. Another perfect project. I am especially impressed that the amount of yarn came out right! Has anyone told you that you qualify as a Knitting Goddess? The other thing I love is the three needle bind off. Normally, that bind off moves the stitches so that one stitch is out of line with a pattern, but yours is perfect. Would you share your secret with us as to how you got the pattern to perfectly match up with this bind off?

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I would often paint with audio books in the background – I often knit listening to movies 🙂
      The colour is beautiful and the pattern intriguing…….. I’m looking forward to seeing it blocked. Most impressive job Claire and I’m sure it is going to be a hit with your line manager!


    4. Lovey scarf. You’re right that yarn is gorgeous. Know how you feel about the birthday creeping up. I have friend whose birthday is 11th Jan. I knitted her a scarf for her birthday, but before Christmas, yet still her birthday crept up on me and I ended up posting last minute.


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