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The Knitting Sarah has started this really helpful Ravelry challenge, which I’ve joined:

“The 1 + 1 + 1 Project is all about setting reasonable goals for yourself for 2016 and just for fun we’re basing it off the number 3 (1+1+1).

How do you participate?

Pick 3 goals for yourself. (This can be whatever suits your life — from 3 projects you want to complete this year to 3 projects you want to complete each month — you choose the pace that’s right for you!)
Share your goals, progress, and success here & at the end of the year we’ll do a drawing for some fun prizes for all those who participate!
Don’t forget to tag your projects #theoneplusoneplusoneproject whenever sharing on social media including Instagram!”

I’m finding this really helpful. I think it’s well known that I can be a bit of a butterfly about my projects, but setting realistic and reasonable goals  is helping a lot. 
On January 3rd I posted in the Ravelry forum:

In January I’m going to:

  1. Finish my Holly and Ivy scarf in time for a birthday next weekend!
  2. Knit the ornaments for two advent calendars – to give my Mum time to sew the main item!
  3. Finish my Lost in Atlantic crochet shawl

I ended up having to swap number 2 out for knitting some Easter Eggs for work (pictures of the finished product coming soon Purepurly, Sewchet & NanaCathy!) but I’ve finished my 3 projects!  

 With of course the bonus owl hat!

So I’ve decided to set myself my February challenges now.

  1. I want to make Glittering Caves by Corrine Walcher for my friend Helen for her birthday in April.
  2. I’m going to make the advent calendar items that got bumped from January in favour of the knitted Easter Eggs!
  3. I’m hoping to cast on Damsel also by Corrine Walcher for myself. But only if I find the right colour yellow yarn when I visit the Stephen & Penelope yarn shop in Amsterdam. They sell MadelineTosh and Hedgehog neither of which I can buy locally and both of which make fantastic yellow yarn. If I don’t get the yarn I will probably swap this out for starting my step grandson’s crochet blanket for Christmas. 

Watch this space!


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