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February’s projects

My 1+1+1 projects have been slightly amended as I didn’t find suitable yarn to make Damsel when I visited Stephen & Penelope last weekend.

So this month I’m making:

 A cabled hat: 

It’s a lovely pattern but it’s name is ‘Dear Hubbie’ which I find exceedingly mawkish. And it’s not for D but for an Instagram friend Leanne! She sent me the yarn which is a home spun DK weight in pure wool. It’s been created by plying two thinner strands together, only it hasn’t caught and it’s often like knitting 2 strands of wool! I’m using my Knit Pro Karbonz interchangeables and a 40cm cable, which is perfect for a hat. This is a knit I’m really enjoying but I’m taking it easy as its in the round which really makes my wrists hurt! 

Then there’s a shawl called Glittering Caves by an American designer called Corinne Walcher. She has some LOVELY patterns in her Ravelry store.  

The yarn is Sirdar Hush, a lace weight long stripe mohair acrylic blend with a sparkle at the core. It’s like knitting with something ephemeral and insubstantial, which I actually don’t like but the fabric it makes is beautiful. It’s also not easy to find a needle it works with interestingly – doesn’t slip well on bamboo or metal, but it’s ok on my Knit Pro Basix! 

And finally,  I’ve started my stepgrandson’s Christmas blanket. I knew he wanted one as his Mum told me how much he liked the ones I had made for his baby sister. And then I saw the perfect pattern in my January edition (40) of Simply Crochet. It’s called Diamond Throw  and I’m making it in Stylecraft Aran so it can be easily washed! 
 Being 5 he has no concept of how colours can be gendered so he wanted it in shades of pink and purple. I feel strongly that we shouldn’t push children towards specific colours (you may recall the blanket I made his sister!) and was happy to make what he wants but I also wanted it to have a long shelf life if he goes off pink and purple! So they’re in there but alongside green, blue, red and a mustardy yellow. I think it’s going to be fab!  
And I’m also going to be making the decorations for an advent calendar throughout  February! 

15 thoughts on “February’s projects

      1. With my DH’s help I went online and purchased the digital edition of the issue of Simply Crochet that had the pattern. Since I’m in the US, it is easier to get it quickly that way. There are several patterns I may have to indulge in. Thanks for the “enabling”!

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    1. I learned it today. Thanks for the tip I will try it next time! But the way I hold my hands when knitting in the round is a problem for me whatever size or length of needle. It just makes my wrists hurt.


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