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First February FO! 

The Dear Hubbie (😁) hat is finished!  

A weekend of effort paid off!  

And I learned a new technique as I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and fetch my DPNs so I magic looped it!

Yay for new techniques. My only mild annoyance was the Toft Alpaca pompom I’ve been saving for this hat is the wrong colour grey.  

Argh. Oh well. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m fighting off a bug and hoping I don’t carry it through into next week. 💚

9 thoughts on “First February FO! 

  1. Can you dye the pompom? Love the hat! I seem to have forgotten everything I once knew about knitting hats and I have been relearning. It has been painful.


  2. wow – wonderful hat! Love all the cables. I agree – either dye the pom pom or save it for another hat, it is too fun to forget about totally. Hope you fight off the germ or recover quickly!


  3. Super hat! Nice cables. It looks cool without said pom pom. Yarn Rascal of course would go for the pom pom first thing so I live in a pom pom free house. Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I lucked out with the pom poms I chose, I think – it’s very difficult buying specific colours online I find. Anyway, the finished hat looks great and I’m pretty sure she won’t even notice:)


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