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A rash cast on

I don’t like knitting socks. You lovely people, if you’ve been here before, know I don’t like knitting socks. I mean, I’ve got my Mum knitting me a pair so I don’t have to. And then a few folks on Instagram encourage me and the next thing this happens… 

 I’m an idiot. 

Apparently I’m making a hybrid between a Rose City Roller and a Churchmouse Yarn & Teas basic sock. 

In the photo: 2.5mm needle, Skein Queen Entwist yarn and a fabulous project bag given to me by lovely Becki from Dartmoor Yarns. 

18 thoughts on “A rash cast on

    • Mum is making me a proper pair of those 😊 but I can’t be dealing with knitting with all 5 needles! Sorry I haven’t seen you for ages. Just been one of those months. You in the shop this Saturday? Xx


  1. You’re so brave. Try as I might, long circulars or short ones, magic loop, or the Ottoman Empire cast on where you belly dance while yarn twirls onto needles to become stitches, flummox me. I’m less dangerous to myself with 5 dpns. With the circulars I could hang myself, while with the dpns I can only end up sitting on them and having to buy more after they break.

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  2. You are the one who introduced me to the very short circular, and since then, I have loved making socks. I do toe-up, and just go round and round until I run out of yarn. I like them because they are really mindless most of the time. Good for traveling or watching Downton Abbey. πŸ™‚ If we EVER meet in person, you can give me all your singles, and I will make their mates for you. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, the one you cast on looks pretty – and so does your stitch marker – a nice match!


  3. Now that I think on it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post about socks before. I think we should be introduced to your sock singles bar. You could always make pairs from the singles and wear mismatched socks?


    • I would have to find them from the depths of my boxes! I only think there are two. Possibly only one. I’ve given away two of the three pairs I’ve finished. There are definitely four pairs on the go but in most cases the first sock isn’t finished yet….

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