Yarny luck

My 2016 yarn diet has been well documented. I am fully intending not to buy any yarn unless I’m abroad or spending a voucher I’ve been given during 2016. As I’ve said before my stash is large and I’d like to get it a little more under control! 

So, although I did have a little splash out in Amsterdam, you can imagine my real joy when I heard I had won an Instagram giveaway! I just love owning yarn, as much for its own sake as what I can make with it! 

I haven’t been following Yan-Tan-Tethera Yarns (@yantantetherayarns) for long, but her colours are GLORIOUS and the giveaway gifts were fabulous. They’re all pictured below. A really thoughtful selection of yarn, notions and treats!  

 But while the whole parcel was wonderful, I must tell you how gorgeous the yarn is. 

The blue skein is  70% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% silk and 10% cashmere! I feels so soft and luxurious. And the colour is a delightful semi solid, rich in some places, paler in others. I can’t wait to cast on with this, it’s destined to be a really lovely beaded shawl. 

The second skein is this thing of joy and beauty!   

I had expected to love the other skein best as I adore blue, but there’s something about this combination of colours that just makes my heart sing. I keep smooshing it too! This one is a sock yarn with 20% nylon and 5% sparkle! It’s called ‘Star Struck’. Well I am with this yarn. No plans for it yet. This is a skein to savour. 

Please do check out the Yan-Tan-Tethera Yarns website; they’re on Etsy too. Beautiful yarn, highly recommended. 

9 thoughts on “Yarny luck

  1. You are lucky to have won such lovely yarn and notions. The Star Struck makes me think of pretty socks, though I remember that you don’t like knitting socks. The Tanadick must feel like a dream. Enjoy your winnings.


  2. you’re enabling those of us who can’t help ourselves. I am loving what I am seeing and a number of garments popped into my head. Yarn Rascal is always eager to try new yarns too.

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