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Mollie at the vet…

Mollie has been a bit under the weather for the last few months, with bouts of sickness followed by being fine. 

Blood tests earlier in the week were ‘unremarkable’ – the vets words not mine – but he wanted her to have X-rays and an endoscopy today. 

We picked her up at 5pm. The vet thinks she has a tumour in her stomach wall. Or actually more accurately in the muscle behind the stomach wall. This isn’t stomach cancer as that’s very obvious apparently, and the lump could be cancer or could be benign. 

He’s referring her to a specialist clinic attached to the University of Bristol for a CT Scan and possible operation. 

I feel very philosophical as I trust him implicitly and feel that he would not refer her, as an older dog, for expensive and complicated medical treatment if he didn’t think it was worth it. 

But I’ve let Pet Plan know! Thank goodness I’ve always had her on the top premium and she’s insured for up to £12,000 worth of veterinary treatment! 

She’s home and very woozy. We hope to have her referral quite quickly. 
Keep her in your thoughts. x

10 thoughts on “Mollie at the vet…

  1. I hope something can be done to help Mollie. Our dogs are an important part of the family, and Mollie has such soulful eyes. I’ve never bought pet insurance but every vet visit seems to be more expensive. I may look into it. I can’t imagine life without Max, but he has suddenly turned 12, and having back troubles about the same time I’m having them. I’m hoping for another 5 yrs. so we can limp along together.

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  2. Oh Claire, I am so sorry to hear Mollie’s not well. Our black lab had all kinds of tumors too. They seem to run in the breed. Hugs and kisses to Mollie. I hope she feels better soon. Lots of love and positive thoughts to all of you.


  3. Miekie and I are sending you both lots of love and hugs. Keeping Mollie close to our thoughts and hearts. She is such an adorable lovely baby. I am sure your vet will take good care of her and do his best for her. I trust mine just as much. Specially when our pets are getting older. We only want the best for our furry children.
    You two look after yourself and all the best. Love and hugs. xxx

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  4. I’m sure she will be fine, dogs are so resilient. We had a golden retriever who had to have several surgeries late in life and he did great. As long as his favorite people were around him, he was as happy as he could be and rebounded quickly. I imagine Mollie will be the same, stay close to her and her recovery will be swift.

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