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Oops I cast on again

You know how there are always people in your life who are enablers? Well back in December I went on the Devon Sun Yarns yarn retreat in Lyme Regis which you may recall I talked about at the time. Devon Sun Yarns is owned by Daisy and she has a really good and active Facebook and Instagram presence. Recently she’s arranged a Woolly Wormhead KAL, with a discount code to buy Woolly Wormhead patterns if you’re a member of the Devon Sun Yarnie’s Facebook page. I think it’s fairly well known that I’m an absolute sucker for a great Woolly Wormhead pattern so I was keen to take part. The deal is that you have to use Devon Sun Yarns yarn, at which point I thought aha I have the yarn I dyed at the yarn retreat! I checked that the self-dyed stuff was okay to use and indeed it was, so after buying six patterns on the Woolly Wormhead website (I think this year it might be the year of the hat), I caked up my yarn…

I chose the pattern Castiel, which is a lace slouchy hat, designed for DK weight yarn, which is what this skein is. 

I knit the entire rib section on Sunday:  

But then had to wait for a new 60cm 3.75mm Addi circular to arrive.  I don’t like DPNS, so I’m happy to invest in various size circulars. During my search to see if I had the right needle before discovering I didn’t led to me discovering the function on Ravelry where you can list all the needles and hooks you own, which I think will be very useful. 

The red needle arrived today and at lunchtime I was able to do the first repeat of the lace section.  

I love it! I’m seriously considering adding beads…

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