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The rather wonderful Knitting Sarah is hosting a Brioche KAL on her Ravelry page. The pattern and yarn are up to you, the idea is to try your hand at technique.  Lots of people are doing Stephen West’s Askews Me shawl, which is a great pattern, but as I want to have something I can gift or use, I decided to do Purl Soho’s brioche cowl.

I picked my yarn…  

The green teal is Skein Queen ‘Crush’ and the grey Devon Sun Yarns ‘Sprightly’

Now, this pattern is supposed to be knit in worsted and I’m using sock yarn.  I have only gone down to a 3.75mm needle instead of a 4mm that the pattern calls for.  This could be a disaster…


EDIT – brioche in sock yarn on 3.75mm needles DID NOT WORK. If I want to brioche in sock yarn I need to go to 3mm needles and that ain’t happening!! Will have to revisit brioche when I can acquire some worsted or Aran. 

13 thoughts on “Brioche-a-long!

  1. I love brioche! I’m sorry the yarn and needles combo didn’t work out. I’m impressed with how well you handled it – you’ve inspired me to handle my knitting disasters more gracefully! 😊 Hopefully everything will come together for you on this soon!


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