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Dare to Dream

Those of you who’ve been coming here for a while won’t be staggered to discover I’ve cast on a project I didn’t plan to do this month…. I intended to knit a Boo Knits beaded shawl for my colleague for her birthday in June and had tentatively marked down April for that project. I’d also planned to use the gorgeous Yan-tan-tethera yarn I won in the giveaway for this project. 

BUT Boo Knits is running a Mystery Knit-a-long in April and I just HAVE to join in. It’s lace weight and needs beads, so I’ve picked some lace out of my stash, ordered some beads and am ready to go!

I was so excited with the idea of the MKAL, I just needed to knit a beaded shawl. It’s definitely my favourite thing to knit.  So, I caked the yarn:  

Picked my tools including some lovely gold beads:

And started:  


After a number of hours busy work:  


The start of the beading!  
Loving the pattern as usual.  

5 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

  1. Love the color of yarn and the color of bead you selected. Yarn Rascal won’t let me bead anything. Just the clicking sound of the beads and he’s in my lap trying to eat them out of the dish.

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