Mollie’s results

Mollie, skinnier than usual but looking interested…

After three hospital stays, advice from our vets, treatment from a rather wonderful consultant vet at Langford called Fiona, and a load of blood tests, we finally have a diagnosis. 

Mollie has Addison’s Disease, which is where the adrenal gland stops functioning and no longer produces natural steroids or electrolytes. 

It is completely treatable and Mollie starts her treatment today. 

Hopefully she will respond well to treatment and put back on a bit of weight and feel less tired. 

Thank goodness she is insured for whole life conditions! 

16 thoughts on “Mollie’s results

  1. My little guy, Sport had Addison’s and did very well with treatment over a long period of time. He passed due to old age, but not Addison’s.

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  2. Awesome good news. So happy to hear she is starting her treatments. Big hugs to her from Miekie and me. Looking forward to seeing her out and enjoying the countryside again soon. Love you Mollie! xxx


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