Berlin at Easter

We went so D could attend the England Germany football match…  But he invited my Mum along so we could do plenty of sightseeing. 

Our first day we flew in to Berlin Tegel, met our friends and got the bus to our hotel before heading out for a long walk. It rained a lot…

Amazing Easter flower display at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station):  


A rather wet D outside Chancellor Merkel’s offices:   

Cocktails at the amazing Adlon hotel:   

Me attempting some perspective pictures with the mini sword that came on my drink… In fairness D did play along. The beer and piece of cake that back home would be considered an ENTIRE cake probably helped. 

The Brandenburg gate in the rain:  


The Reichstag at night: 


Saturday was lovely, which was good as we had a visit to the Reichstag booked. The building was a ruin up until the reunification of Germany and British architect Norman Foster was given the job of bringing the building back to life. The combination of old facade and modern interior is incredible.  In particular the dome you can walk up is amazing. Being well acquainted with the antiquated aspects of the House of Commons, this must be an amazing place to work. I love the colour of the seats – apparently Lord Foster invented this specially for the building and it’s known as Reichstag Blue!


We then went on the bus to an amazing department store called the KaDeWe, where we had lunch in the food hall.  Think combination of Harrods food hall and lovely little cafes selling all different kinds of delicacies… Amazing. I then discovered the stationery section. There was an entire wall of Lamy pens. I was in heaven. I bought myself the newest colour pen, just because.  


Mid afternoon Mum and I were tired and made our way by S Bahn (an adventure!) to our lovely hotel on Washingtonplatz leaving D and our German friends to drink some beer in the football fanzone. I sat in the window (on the 7th floor) and watched the world go by!  

That evening Mum & I went for pizza in that little black box on the bottom left of the picture. It was delicious! 

Sunday our German friends treated us to a guided tour around the historical parts of Berlin.  



We saw the Brandenburg gate: 


The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was an incredible installation that looks like a graveyard from above: 

 This was incredibly moving and unsettling at the same time. Which is probably the point. 

We also went to a lot of places where key historical buildings would have stood and where key events took place, including the Berlin Wall. 

Later that day Mum gave me a pair of Rose City Rollers for Easter! 

Monday was all about a visit to the Schloss Charlottenburg. This was built in the 1600s and enlarged in subsequent centuries before being partially destroyed in World War 2. I’m not very interested in that period of history – though Mum is – and this was her special visit she wanted to do. I enjoyed seeing the various fabrics though and this one really caught my fancy:

 The man on duty responded positively to my ‘Kann ich eine kleine photo machen?’and so I can share it here! 

We then embarked on a two hour round Berlin bus tour which stopped for a very long time at some stops. Not sure it needed to be 2hours long!  

Tuesday was the day we got to do my top choice – see the Nefertiti bust at the Neues Museum. It wasn’t a great day to choose to go as it was school holidays and we had to queue for an hour to buy tickets! But we did and it was worth it. It is a very interesting museum and I could have spent hours in there. As it was neither of my companions were that into it so after we’d look at the Egyptian section finishing with Nefertiti we went for coffee! I wasn’t allowed to take photos but this photo is from It was so beautiful it made me cry, which surprised me a lot.  

  You can read about her here

And before we headed for the airport we visited the Berlin Dom – the Protestant Cathedral. That was also very beautiful.  

I was trying quietly to take a photo of the organ which was behind me and got photo bombed…!  
Which obviously led to some quiet silliness… 

We were in a church but we were being quite reverent and making far less noise than the students that followed us in eating crisps! 

It was a brilliant 5 days. An amazing changing city that feels old and very new all in one go. Recommended. 

9 thoughts on “Berlin at Easter

  1. Germany has never been on my list of places to visit but you’ve changed my mind as there are so many interesting things in this post. Looks like you had a bit of fun and silliness too, which is always good to see! Love the pen:)


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