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Boo Knits MKAL

I’ve been excited about the Boo Knits April Mystery Knitalong ‘Danse Macabre’ for as long as I’ve known about it. I persuaded my friend Salpal to join in, I picked my yarn, I bought the beads, I bought a new project bag specially (this is slightly excessive but I did want a new one) and I noted it in my diary. I didn’t check I had the needles because I have a whole huge tin of circular needles and of course I had what I needed. 


Turns out I don’t own a 3.75mm circular. (Well I do, but a 40cm one for knitting hats isn’t going to get me very far.) So last night I ordered the correct needle and paid for next day delivery to get it on Saturday. 😱

Salpal has already started! Being in the US she got the first clue on Thursday evening… I’m not VERY envious at all. 

Anyway, I’m mostly ready.  

I will be using some gorgeous I Knit Or Dye London 50% silk, 50% baby camel (!) lace weight in a semi solid pink. This yarn is GORGEOUS to touch and squish. I’ve had it for a few years and I’ve been saving it for the perfect project. Which would appear to be this one! 

I’m making it for my sister. I gave her this choice:  

 She picked the pink. You’ll notice it isn’t the pink I’ll be using. That’s because the pink in the choice picture was actually a skein I bought for and gave to my friend Maxine for Christmas! I accidentally used the wrong photo. I don’t think Gayle will notice or indeed mind. 

My Mum said she liked the orange. I am suffering a real temptation to make her one too. I do have orange beads… I might cake the yarn up just in case I have time. Yes it’s a bonkers idea, but it might just come off. 

11 thoughts on “Boo Knits MKAL

  1. I was quite excited to realize I will get the clues a day ahead. But it isn’t really a day ahead, it is simultaneous, we are just so far behind is all. 🙂 There MIGHT have been some squeals of glee Thursday evening. And there might have been a (patient) spouse with a raised eyebrow as I dropped everything to check out the pattern. And so while all of Europe must wait until tomorrow for the second clue, I will be home tonight racing through the last 9 rows of clue 1because clue 2 might get released any minute. 🙂

    I hope your needle beats the release, but if it doesn’t, you can do most of clue one on the size you have – the only reason I switched over half way through the last repeat was so I could get a photo for you tonight.

    I think the pink with those beads will be wonderful, and the fiber sounds intriguing – is it soft and squishy? I like the orange too, although it isn’t; my color, it is a pretty skein. And of course, because it IS my color, I love the gray!


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