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Sometimes it just doesn’t happen

This blanket. I started it with high hopes.  

 I got bored after about 6 rows but I persevered as its for my stepgrandson. Last night I looked at it and I knew it would be a real chore to finish it. And that’s before you consider that he actually asked me for one made of squares…

As I was looking at it I thought ‘that would make a nice cowl’. So that’s what I turned it into.  

 It’s nice and cosy and I imagine I will wear it quite a lot in the winter. We’ll see. 

Mollie was less impressed with it.  

 Now I just have to think about this blanket for Thomas….

17 thoughts on “Sometimes it just doesn’t happen

  1. Bored after 6 rows? That never bodes well for something that’s going to take a considerable investment of time. I say “well done” on the brave decision to abort and “good luck” on a squares blanket. Hope it proves less mundane for you. P.S. Love it as a cowl!

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  2. Well, that is an amazing switch! It makes a great cowl, perfect for gloomy winter days. And squares are much more portable, quick to do at lunch or when waiting for the doctor, etc. Good solution.:-)

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