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FO: Darkke hat

While waiting for the knitting needles to start the MKAL yesterday (which never turned up and is now subject to a complaint with Amazon), I pressed on with the hat for Damon.

I started this after he tried on the Dear Hubbie hat I made for my friend Leanne. He really liked the close fit and specifically requested it not to be slouchy. I had his head measurements, his preferred colour (red) and went stash diving. 

I came up with some gorgeous Cascade 220 bought for planned Christmas crafting.  

 The red is for the hat; with the yellow I knitted Entrechat for my stepgranddaughter. 

Although I liked the pattern I found it hard to get into the swing of it. Really I could have knitted it in a day or so but it turned into my handbag project.  



 By the time we went to Berlin it was nearly finished:  

And after getting Mum to help me while we sat in the airport lounge (under the guise of ‘can you show me how you knit so fast’ 😂)… 

… I was ready to knit the crown. I did it wrong the first time but yesterday morning cracked it!  

And here it is, being modelled by the recipient!  

 I think he’s pleased with it; it’s a warm hat but he went to work last night wearing it and came back wearing it too (while wearing a Tshirt and gilet!). It also passed the headphones test…  

 Apparently it is very important you can fit your headphones over your hat. 😂

This is the first thing I’ve made for him and it had to be something he wanted/liked in order for it to be worn. 


11 thoughts on “FO: Darkke hat

  1. Great hat. I understand exactly what you mean about D wanting and liking something before he would wear something you made for him because Mud is just the same. I’d love to make him a lovely warm Aran jumper but I’d be wasting my time and money because he wouldn’t wear it :-/ x

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  2. It’s a perfect hat for D. He looks great in it. Glad it passed the earphone test. Who knew there was such a test? If you paid for fast shipping, I’d get a refund from Amazon. Hope your needles show up soon. I know what it’s like to be waiting on the mail.

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  3. Glad he likes it as men are notoriously allergic to anything handmade. You can normally almost hear them saying “No, you don’t HAVE to make it, I can afford to buy one”. They don’t get the whole crafting thing, as a rule. Especially not my 17 year old nephew who begged his mother to ask me never to make him anything again!!


  4. the hat looks great – it fits him perfectly and is a good color. Nice that he actually asked for it. I can’t get A to tell me what she would like me to knit. She has a hat for when it is “really” cold – I have seen her wear it maybe twice, when it was well below zero. She has some fingerless mitts for work, not sure she uses them as I don’t see her there. And she has a dark red sweater that she wears when it is even colder than it has to be for the hat. Ie I think she has worn it once. So I feel no guilt in madly knitting away for myself. 🙂

    As for the needle – WHAT???? Claire, this is so mean of Amazon!!! I could have shipped you one from here by now. I’ll finish up the third pattern repeat of the MKAL tonight and send you a photo. Luckily this first clue is REALLY easy, you will get caught up in no time. It is all garter stitch, not a speck of lace.

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      1. I saw that – on straights – so smart. 🙂 I have two more rows to do. Got up early and everything, but only had time for two rows, or I would have been seriously late for work. 🙂 I WILL do it tonight and get started on the next clue, which I did print this morning. I notice my printer doesn’t print the green ink – I’ll get the crayons out and double check before I start. 🙂


  5. Lovely hat and a great colour. I’ve been making a simple Barley from TinCanKnits for my other half, and like you, I could crank it out in a day or two but it’s taking absolutely forever!


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