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A cheerful colour block blanket

Back at Christmas my daughter in law told me how much my stepgrandson likes his baby sister’s crochet blanket and he would love one for himself.  It’s always flattering to know someone wants something you’ve made and I discussed with him what colours he wanted (pink and purple were must haves!) and also how he wanted it to look.  He wanted it to be squares not stripes, so before the yarn ban came into force, I bought some nice colours of Stylecraft Chunky online.  I wanted something that was washable… I also wanted to choose colours that while they reflected what he liked now, would continue to be used as he got older… 

 (Here’s me using a bit of the yarn for the blanket that got turned into a cowl…)

I reckon that with a base colour (either beige or navy or dark purple or dark green – to be decided) that will tie the colours together, I need 77 squares to cover a single bed. That’s 12 or 13 of each colour.  It feels very achievable to be able to do this in a couple of months, giving me time to crochet them all together over the summer and add a border in the autumn!  


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