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A calmer weekend

On Saturday I picked my new glasses, took a very brief trip to Trowbridge (25 minutes) and spent some time with my friend at her yarn shop!   

I spent the last of my Christmas voucher from D on these two skeins…   

Which I promptly made into balls and cast on!   


I did a little more crochet…     

I helped my sister start her second crochet project, a mermaid tail blanket for my niece:   

We crocheted together! 

Mollie looked cute!  

I bought a new reindeer mug 😊 

 On Sunday we took our niece to see Yeovil Ladies FC play Millwall Lionesses:  A happy uncle and niece enjoying their half time cookies and hot chocolate! While I added to #placesyoucanknit πŸ˜„
Jess was a bit bored in the first half, but in the second she watched every minute and got very excited about the goal, and missed goals. She wanted to meet the player, Sarah Wiltshire, who scored Yeovil’s goal: 

 Yeovil FC have a good policy for both their teams, that the players are available to meet fans and sign autographs/ have pictures taken after the match. I love that Jess is able to meet women that are successful in areas traditionally dominated by men. She told me that she wants to put this picture on the wall in her bedroom, and to come to lots more matches. It was very sweet to hear her telling her football obsessed uncle about the three times Yeovil ‘hit the post’ so could have scored loads more. πŸ˜„

6 thoughts on “A calmer weekend

  1. sounds like a fun weekend! good ball game, good knitting. You are right, there is no better place to knit than a ball game. of course, I can see your husband and my wife rolling their eyes like mad at that comment. πŸ™‚

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  2. What a lovely outing. It’s nice the players are accessible. It’s a great picture. Mollie is too cute for words. How nicely she keeps her toys. Yarn Rascal’s are all in some stage of being destroyed. Love the yarn and the knitting. Love the colors your sister chose for her project.


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