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Channelling Elaine

I have read The Land Rover Owner’s Wife blog ever since I started writing mine. She knits beautifully, but actually it’s her gardening posts I love. To me, it’s like a whole other world, one that I’m not part of, and I’m fascinated by the time and effort she spends every  year bringing her garden from dormant to harvest. 

Now, I like my garden and I do want it to be nicer but the chances I’m going to be sowing a load of vegetable seeds or indeed scrubbing my green house are slim. (I don’t have a green house!)

I talked to my Mum, who offered to help me, and I think she was rather bemused when I said I didn’t care what we planted as long as it looked tidy. I honestly don’t. It’s like a car, who cares what it is as long as it always turns on first time and doesn’t break down. With plants I want them to grow and make my garden a nice place to spend time. Or in other words a nice place to knit. 

Saturday morning we dug over one flower bed and created another two small ones before heading to Homebase for plants. 

Excuse the grass. We’re in the process of dealing with the weeds. 

Saturday morning during the sleet (I am not joking) we planted most of the new plants, and then this morning I did the remainder. 

Next up, filling the pots and sorting out the lawn. My friend Sam is coming with a scarifier next weekend! 

I don’t think anyone is going to call me a gardener but I’m making an effort to channel my favourite gardening person! 

8 thoughts on “Channelling Elaine

  1. Ohhh what a wonderful post. Thank you for your lovely words. I feel a bit of a fraud though this year, as I’m not growing quite so much as normal to give myself time to regain full health and my beds the chance to replenish themselves.

    I love the sight of newly planted up flower beds though, knowing that, all being well, come the summer, the newly turned soil between the plants will be hidden by a mass of greenery interspersed with the brightly bobbing heads of flowers 🙂 x

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  2. Nicely done. Love the choice of plants. They should look lovely as they grow. It’s still too cold and wet here for much planting.


  3. I know what you mean about making the area a nice place to be rather than a full time job to care and cultivate it. I think I’m a bit in the middle, some years I grow seeds, other years I buy a few plants! Either way, It’s lovely to sit out with a few bees buzzing around or a little fountain or something.


  4. Aw looking lovely!
    In the last but one photo … the one where you can see your geraniums … in that corner bed you’ve planted a new ‘bush’ .. could you tell me the name of it please? I used to have one of those growing by the pond in our last house, and I’m just starting on getting the back garden in this new home into something worth looking at, and I particularly wanted one of those shrubs because of the beautiful leaves. They make an eye catching spot when planted against ferns and other greenery. Problem is that I can’t remember the darn name of the plant, so if you could tell me that would be brilliant.
    Many thanks! ~ Cobs.


  5. I understand – we’re not gardeners either, and often use the hens as an excuse not to have flowers. Whilst it’s true that they would dig them up, I think I’d manage to kill them first through under/over watering or lack of plant food. A neatly clipped lawn and weed free driveway is the best we can manage and, with the gazebo decked out for the warmer months, it’s all you notice anyway:)


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