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Stash diving…

…and finding a WIP…

I had almost forgotten this cardigan I started for my Mum. The back and half of one front are done, the sleeves are integral, so it makes sense to finish it for her birthday. 

I’m not sure that it’s even been featured on my blog I’ve had it so long! The colour is more accurate in the top photo. Posting this for the pattern. 

I’ve also found out what happened to my favourite project bag and first pair of KnitPro Symphonie 4mm needles…

It’s going to be a warm day in Somerset. Before I paint my garden bench blue, lay a few slabs and plant up my garden pots, I’m taking this young lady for a walk! Taken last night when she was giving her best Hard Done By Labrador impression! 

10 thoughts on “Stash diving…

  1. Love the cardigan, and just think it’s like starting a project and only having half the knitting to do to finish it. 😉

    Mollie does look quite neglected, glad you are getting a good day for a walk.

    Do you suppose my long cable #4 needles are in a wip? Hmmm there’s a thought. 😖

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  2. I should dive into my stash and see the projects I’ve left on needles. On second thought, it might be too over whelming. Mollie’s face is so expressive. The poor baby girl face just melts my heart.


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