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Since I decided to stop forcing myself to do specific projects I’ve lost my crafting mojo. It’s coincided with me needing to get the garden sorted out and I’ve been really focussing on that, wanting somewhere nice to sit when I finally get it back! 

So on Friday I added to the border: 

And sanded the bench in preparation for a little make over… Sadly I didn’t take a before picture but as of last night: 
It took me all day to do this! Cuprinol Shades ‘Forget Me Not’. I’m delighted with it! While I was doing that Mum added some annuals to my beds and did my pots. She does them every year, I am grateful and lucky as they’re always fab! This year I’m going with fuschias, petunias and lobelia, both bush and trailing. As you can see we also dispensed with the scruffy rosemary bush and discovered a load of primroses growing underneath it!
As you can see from this pic, the lawn needs a lot of work which my lovely friend Sam has volunteered to do. 

Damon also insisted on buying two hanging baskets when we went to Homebase. This one is so glorious I didn’t want to hang it where I couldn’t see it. 

So today, I only mowed the bit that is still grass (!) and then was free to do this: 

I’ve settled on making a doily called ‘Flirty Fifties’ in the three colours right at the front and the violet and green just behind. They’re the colours I’ve chosen by and large for the garden so they should be fab on my outside dining table! 

I’m hoping they might work as placemats. I’ve still got lots to do in my garden but I’m really pleased with how far I’ve got and hopefully my doily/ mandala will inspire me! 

16 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. The garden looks fabulous, and I love the blue bench. So nice that you have such a pretty spot to sit and crochet with those lovely colors. ๐Ÿ˜€ The placemats will look pretty no matter where you use them.

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  2. Do we take it that the word ‘mandala’ no longer fills you with horror?! They’ll look absolutely amazing in the garden as placemats with that bench, which is lush, by the way:)


  3. Wow you have been busy. Your garden is going to look amazing during the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    I reckon we’ve all been at the ‘lost mojo’ state at one time or another and I’m glad you’ve found your crochet one again. Little steps will get you fully creative again in no time but in your own time, for your own pleasure, with no pressure ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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