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More doilies & garden

I thought the addiction was waning. But it’s still strong… 

I’ve also continued to work on the garden… Damon swept the patios and put out the garden furniture on Thursday:

I had a day off work so I staked the sunflowers and filled some more pots: 

And decided I’d be spending a lot of time in this particular location this summer. 

Mollie has also outdone herself this week in providing her best ‘hard done by’ Lab face. This one because I wanted to sweep…

And this one because I wanted to seed the bare patch of lawn she was laying on. My garden is 80ft long. But she is invariably on the bit I want to work on! 

6 thoughts on “More doilies & garden

      • Well then, keep going – if you have a plan for them then they are all good. I like the idea of seasonal ones – you can make some for summer in watermelon colors, and some for spring in Easter colors and some for fall in autumn colors, plus things like Halloween colors, etc. No need to stop now! Plus, your sister might need a complete set, lol. 🙂


  1. Okay, the purple doily may well have just about ousted the Christmas one from top spot but it’s a close run thing.

    I am so loving the pictures of your garden, it is looking so beautiful and the gorgeous Mollie must be forgiven for her choice of sunbathing spots 🙂 x

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