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Knitting again!

I haven’t done any knitting since March so I’m glad to get back to it…

Working on a summer cardigan for my Mum for her birthday in Sirdar Ella, a cotton acrylic mix with stellina:

Working a little on my Rose City Rollers socks in Skein Queen: 

I’m just about to finish the toe of sock one:

I also blocked Dare To Dream at the weekend to gift on Thursday:

Mollie has also been cute this week! 

5 thoughts on “Knitting again!

  1. Wow – you are knitting again! I love the Dare to Dream shawl, it came out beautifully! And the socks look like they will be fun ones. The cardigan – it is going to be really something! And Mollie as ever, is adorable, Love her sleeping with the slipper. 🙂

    I was a bit nervous that you weren’t well when I saw the lack of nail polish on your hands, but then I spotted your toes and I know all is well. 🙂

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  2. The socks look amazing. Really like the colour way and as for the shawl, well, words fail me.

    Still struggling on with Middle Mudlets’ lace top but at least the pattern has finally set in my brain now, if you know what I mean 😀 I’ve never disliked working a pattern so much as I have with this one 😦 but it will look so pretty when it is finished and with MM being such a tomboy and usually liking less feminine looking knits, I simply have to complete it!

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