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The ‘paddling pool’

Tonight I expressed a mild desire for a paddling pool. Four years ago I bought my Mum one for her dog Lucy. It’s about 3 feet across and hard plastic. Perfect for dogs to lay in and drink out of. I was thinking I could get something similar but as Mollie may or may not get in it, I could paddle in it too. 

Roll on an hour and D came back from collecting my newest prescription and presented me with this: 

8 foot wide, nearly 3 feet deep….

Now I should have expected this. D is extremely generous but he does like to go big and in bulk. Remember my fabulous toolbox for my cotton yarn? He wanted to buy me one on wheels that was 3 times as big and was surprised when I opted for the one I wanted….

My Mum pointed out that I should be grateful he didn’t buy two. Very good point!

Anyway, if it’s the hottest day of the year and you have a paddling pool, you have to put it up! 

I had been laying on that towel…. Then we had to move it because the ground wasn’t even…

I’m paddling. It’s nice. I need to get my nephew & niece round to enjoy it! 

17 thoughts on “The ‘paddling pool’

  1. Good man you have there. Your feet look cool and happy. I’ve thought of a little pool for myself, but have no privacy fence. Oh well, the neighbors probably aren’t peering at me anyway.

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  2. Welcome to the world of “I love my pool” That kind of pool is how I started, I have moved up one stage to a metal framed 20 foot by 4 foot pool. Next one will be a rigid sided one that can stay up and full all winter. But it likely won’t be 20 feet across, that is really bigger than I need. Now, you need a floating lounger to make the world perfect. 🙂


  3. Wishing I lived closer. I’d come and join you in that pool. A little of something wonderful in a glass (I’d bring that – you supply the glasses/tumblers) and then immerse ourselves and chat away until we’d put the world to rights. Ahhh… now that’s what I’d call a pleasant afternoon. {sighs as she dreams}
    Have a wonderful, cool, happy day ~ Cobs. x

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  4. We bought a rigid little pool for our dogs some years ago. They completely ignored it, and I ended up storing potting compost in it (it had a lid). Eventually I gave it to a friend with labradors… terriers simply don’t understand pools.

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  5. Lol, so reminds of the time Mud and Middle Mudlet went to Morrisons to get some FOOD shopping and came back with a 6 man inflatable dingy which was (and I’m quoting here) “a bargain at just £10” for the sole purpose of supplying the Mudlets with a ‘paddling pool’. As with D, Mud tends to do big ….. as in VERY big!!!

    Care to guess which parent has the unenviable task of cleaning the darn thing out between uses? x

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