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Garden update

I’m rather pleased with how pretty it’s looking. 

That pink in the middle on the left was from my last trip to Homebase’s reduced section. Deadheaded and planted it has flower again and cost me 50p. 

I call this new bed the Brexit bed. I dug it the day after the referendum. As I was a passionate remainer family think I’m being a bit odd, but it amuses me. My bench as a sunflower prop…

This evening I stopped by the reduced section in Homebase again. They have so many plants reduced because they need dead heading and also properly watering. I went a bit mad and spent £20 but that probably a quarter of what they would cost if properly looked after. I don’t understand how a business can afford to make such reductions. They just need a staff member to do rudimentary dead heading as they tidy the shelves up and to ensured they’re watered properly. I quite like the challenge of getting stuff in an unplanned way based on which ones I feel sorry for… 

Oh and I installed two bolts on the rabbit hutch with the help of my Mum. I’m a bit rubbish at DIY so I was pleased with myself!

4 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Cooo… you’ve been busy!
    The garden looks absolutely lovely. I love that you’ve got different ‘sections’, so that the interest carries your eyes on a wander through the garden. The colours you’ve introduced are so pretty.

    Oh .. and I know exactly what you mean about these places which sell off their plants cheaply simply because no one looked after them properly. My best find was an Oriental Poppy which looked to all intents and purposes as dead as a Dodo, even Mr. Cobs said I was crackers to buy it. But I had faith and I cared for it … and it grew into the most wonderful miracle. I had it growing year after year and as each year passed it delivered more and more flower heads. I was so proud of this little darling for doing so well. Then …. my British Bulldog decided to take a wander through it and killed the darn thing. I found her sitting right in the middle of it. It never got over the shock.

    You’ll never guess what her name was ….. Poppy. How could she? HOW could she???!

    LOVE the garden. Thank you for sharing it with us all. ~ Cobs x


  2. Oh the garden looks gorgeous. The ‘plant sale room’ at our local garden centre is my favourite part of the whole place. The number of bargain 50p plants I’ve rescued from there and brought back to life with the skilful use of apparently unheard of and complicated techniques such as watering!!!!!! 😀

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