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Knitting related gifts 

I was very lucky this year to receive a number of knitting related gifts for my birthday. I have friends that often buy me yarn, but then they are knitters or crocheters themselves. So, my Noro from my knitting buddy Sam was much appreciated: 

And my friend Criss gave me this project bag which is ideal for a large chunky project! 

And my niece made me this pot for my crochet hooks! 

But it is extra special when family or friends who are not knitters buy you something that is perfect. When they came to visit us my step son and daughter in law bought with them this: 

It’s a Cath Kidston knitting needle case, with four sets of very nice birch needles inside. I am properly delighted with it! 

9 thoughts on “Knitting related gifts 

  1. Wow … great wool, LOVE the jar for the crochet hooks and … adore the Cath Kidston knitting needle case. What great Birthday presents. You’re very much loved!
    (how strange is it that you and I both post something about Cath Kidston on the same day?! lol).
    Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x

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