Stitching Santa 2017

Hello everyone! This is my first post in a year and it is good to be back!

Once again I took part in the Stitching Santa secret Santa event that the lovely Sewchet runs each year. I had a huge amount of fun creating a package of goodies to send to my recipient and was very excited to receive a parcel a  week or so ago, which has been residing under my tree…

We weren’t at home on Christmas Day so I opened my parcel first thing Boxing Day morning.

I am a very happy camper! I have a ball of Scheepjes Merino Soft (and it’s gloriously soft) ,  four mini Yarn and Colours skeins, a beautiful crocheted hook or pencil case, a pattern for some beautiful mittens and a handmade black Labrador Christmas ornament. The way to my heart is indeed through Mollie!

Scheepjes Merino Soft and a pattern for moss stitch fingerless gloves!

I haven’t worked with this yarn before, but I have used other Scheepjes yarn in the past and it is very nice to work with. This ball is in the perfect shade of blue grey and I will enjoy using it very much. The pattern is very attractive too.

Yarn and Colors minis

I have seen people posting about these minis and have been curious to find out more about them and maybe have some myself! So I’m really delighted to get four little minis, all in shades of blue, which is a colour I am very partial to! Bottom right is the exact shade of my sofa!

Handmade hook/ pencil case

I am really delighted with this. My hooks will have a happy home in here!

And finally! A Mollie Christmas ornament

I cannot tell you how pleased and touched I am to receive this. It’s absolutely fabulous.

Thank you stitching Santa!

The lovely person who sent these to me didn’t reveal herself, but I’ve had a little snoop about and I think it’s Jenny, the author of the pattern, who blogs at Iamsimplyhooked – so thank you very much Jenny!

And thank you Sewchet for another fun year!

13 thoughts on “Stitching Santa 2017

  1. Yes it was me! I should have left a card inside the parcel to reveal myself, but you obviously worked it out anyway. I had such fun looking through your blog and choosing colours and the Mollie ornament, and I am sure that you will use the yarn to make something lovely. Happy Christmas and have a wonderful yarny New Year! Jenny (iamsimplyhooked)

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      1. Thank you, that’s so kind. I remember really struggling to find time to make you stuff that year and hoping you didn’t think I was completely bonkers making that crown 🙂 xx


  2. What a lot of fun things! I recently got a fun package from you – can’t thank you enough!

    I hope that 2018 will give you more time to blog, I have really missed you. I am not as adept on instagram..

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  3. I was thinking about you the other day, as well as one or two other bloggers I used to read regularly. I thought perhaps WordPress had managed to delete me as a follower but never quite found the time to get around to checking. You know how it is at this time of year. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK. 🙂

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  4. How wonderful to see you blogging again. I have missed your creations, news on Mollie and dabbling in your garden. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2018 is everything you could possibly wish for xx


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