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FO: Dare to Dream

Still to block but I’m pretty pleased with this! All done in 10 days. 

 Amazing how the colour looks different depending on the light. The colour is actually  somewhere between the colour in the top and bottom pictures. 

Now to choose my yarn for the Boo Knits April KAL….

Salpal from ‘What I’m Up To Today’ is doing it too so I’m really looking forward to it! 

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Finishing my summer shawl swap shawl

Just cast off…   
Before blocking…


Close ups! 

Pattern: Mustardseed by Boo Knits

Yarn: Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply in Harvest Gold. 

Needles: 4.5mm Knitpro Basix bamboo circular & 4.5mm Knitpro Rosewood straight needles. 

Beads: 400 size 5 Miyuki triangular beads. 1.25mm crochet hook. 

Fabulous pattern, lovely yarn. Highly recommended. 

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Fabulous crafty weekend!

I’ve been staying at my Mum’s looking after her dog Lucy. Lucy is a handful!  


On Saturday I worked on the Mustardseed shawl for the shawl swap:  


While my sister made pompom alliums as decorations for her 40th birthday party in August!  


There five pom-poms there and one real allium!

Lucy got herself VERY wet in her paddling pool: 


Today I did a couple of rows of the shawl before turning to sewing the ends in on the crochet blanket for my step-granddaughter. And here it is in all its glory:  


And then I turned to the blanket I’m making for my sister as a gift for that big birthday…  


I think Lucy has enjoyed her weekend… Mollie did too!  Even if she has a less enthusiastic way of showing it! 


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Summer Shawl Swap

Over on Instagram I signed up to take part in a month long shawl swap. You knit your shawl and then send it on to the person you’ve been given to make for and someone else sends you one. Lovely idea. The only rules are 100g of 4ply is what must be used. And to send it off by 15 July.  You’re given a guide as to colours your swap buddy likes and having reviewed my extensive stash decided I didn’t have anything suitable. So I went to the Eden Cottage website (which I’ve been busting to buy from) and got this gorgeous stuff:  


It’s called Harvest Gold and is a warm shade of yellow/ mustard. I don’t generally go for warm colours (if you look at the colours I choose they’re the  cool versions) but I love this. This morning I would it up:  


And prepared myself to tackle my chosen pattern ‘Mustardseed’ by Boo Knits. It’s a gorgeous shawl and as I’m a big Shakespeare fan anything named after a character appeals to me!  It requires beading with a crochet hook which I haven’t done before and I’m excited to try. 


That hook with the mint coloured handle is a 1mm hook. It’s so skinny it come with its own cover! 

I started… 

And I started a second time only to discover a dropped stitch… 


So I started a third time and am now on row 9!  


Loving this so far 😊

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A beaded bracelet

Today, I took the beads I bought yesterday and started following the pattern that I had also purchased. It wasn’t hard to follow, and if you’re adept at using a hand sewing needle the technique wasn’t difficult but tension is important.  

Making the squares:  


Simply, you made the beaded squares, then filled them with a sparkly Swarovski stone & four small beads. 

Like this! Ta-dah!



I enjoyed making it and would like to do more but it isn’t going to replace knitting or crochet!