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More squares

So despite having spent the last couple of days doing this:

IMG_3997.JPG it turns out that I haven’t finished making the squares for Dad’s waistcoat! As I was sewing them up I could see it wasn’t wide or long enough so I’m not surprised.

I popped in to Marmalade to see the lovely Janet and she gave me lots of brilliant advice and information on how to take the waistcoat to the next level of completion! Here’s some pix of where I am right now.

The bottom of the back:


The top of the back:


The fronts:


I need to make 10 of these 🙂


And finally the schematic, because even though it’s scrawled all over it feels like a real blueprint!


I think this will be taking priority over the next week or so. It’s not just crocheting them but the blocking and sewing up too. I’ve already decided to just do one or two CAL squares a week and catch up after Christmas as the blanket won’t be a Christmas gift. I am going to stick with the MKAL however as I do want a nice new hat!

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Crafting, Westminster and Jigsaws…

I haven’t posted for a few days. Not that I haven’t been crafting, I have of course! I have finished all six of week 5’s squares in the Scheepjes CAL; knitted another couple of wedges in Wingspan and knitted a little on my newest project (will post on this over the weekend).




On Wednesday I went to Westminster as my Dad and StepMum were having a tour of the Houses of Parliament and attending Prime Minister’s Questions. I met them in Central Lobby afterwards and took them for lunch; we then met my boss who took us onto a rather chilly House of Commons Terrace for coffee, which was a really fabulous end to their visit, as the Terrace is a very iconic place.

You can see how like my Dad I am! Every time I go to Westminster I’m conscious of how lucky I am get to go there. I will miss it when my boss retires next May.

On Thursday Damon managed to utterly surprise me. We’ve been together for nearly 11 years and it’s been a while since he came up with something about himself that I don’t know… But he told me he loves jigsaw puzzles! I can see why he would, he loves doing mental puzzles, but how he’s come to never mention it… He said he got out of the habit when his sons were younger and there was no space! I was absolutely delighted because Damon is very hard to buy gifts for and this just adds another possible option for Christmas & birthday gifts. Although we have no space either, folding jigsaw boards are available (thank you Amazon), as are jigsaw puzzles with Spitfires on them. *Grins hugely* and Damon’s Christmas present is sorted!

However this new interest has spawned a potentially negative time wasting thing – you can of course get jigsaw apps for your iPad – and I downloaded one too. No, I don’t know why, and this has interrupted my crafting time. Turns out I like jigsaws too. Hmmmm…….

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Wingspan & other activities!

First version of Week 5’s square in the Scheepjeswol CAL.


Working on Wingspan on Saturday…


Mollie having a woogle…


My sister and Dilly the spangold visited…


Dilly, the Victoria Beckham of the spaniel world…


More Wingspan…


Sunday morning happiness…


Possible startitis?


I call Ollie my friend C’s godrabbit! We made time for a visit at lunchtime on Monday.


Flora, who doesn’t do cuddles under any circumstances was baffled…


More Wingspan in action…


Transferred onto circulars as the single points were getting too heavy I got to lay it out for the first time!


And Mollie on Tuesday breakfast time!


And that is what we’ve been up to – craft & pet wise – in photos. 😉

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An interesting few days

I mentioned previously I was due to have a colonoscopy on Monday. The good news is it was completely clear (yay), the bad news that the hunt for the cause of my symptoms goes on (boo). Next up an MRI scan of my small intestine…. As D was working, Mum took me to the appointment and sat and did her knitting while waiting for me. She said the light in the hospital room was perfect to pick up 124 stitches around the neck of a black cardigan she is making for my sister! While I was recovering I did a little crochet. So this photo is knitting & crochet in hospital!


Tuesday I had to be off work and with someone all day because of the drugs I had been given. D, bless him, after a full night shift, took me to my doctor’s appointment at 9.50am and sat in the car while my appointment was an hour late. Then took me to get my prescription. We both slept most of the day – for some reason I haven’t felt at all well. Mum thinks it might be a reaction to the drug, or coincidentally I have a cold or something. Mum also visited with her naughty spangold Lucy, who knows she isn’t allowed on the furniture! She’s sitting on Mum.





In between naps I knit a little on the front of Mum’s Christmas present cardigan (loving the leaf pattern) and finished a CAL square.



And Mollie is being the best companion ever.


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Christmas cakes and crafting

I’ve had one of those wonderful not doing much weekends…. Saturday, my friend Sam and I got together to make our Christmas cakes. This is late for me, I normally have it done by the end of September, but this year we were busy electioneering! I love the mid- make clutter in my kitchen:

IMG_8269.JPG Sam’s cake is the one in the oven.

His cake:


My cake:

They look different don’t they?! They are exactly the same recipe and quantities except his has less currants and more raisins, and I forgot to put the brandy in mine before it was cooked, so I had to feed it when it was cool on Sunday morning. They were cooked on the same temperature for exactly the same amount of time! The only real difference was the tins we used. Mine was an old battered one and his was brand new. Hmmm who knows! My house smelled fantastic all day!

I worked on the back of my Mum’s cardigan and finished it:

IMG_1173.JPG I also cast on the left front.

I did a second square of week 4’s pattern in the Scheepjes CAL…


And I made quite a few squares for Dad’s waistcoat:


IMG_1174.JPG I have 50 squares now – only 32 more, plus blocking, sewing in ends etc etc etc

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Let the Scheepjes CAL begin

Today THIS parcel arrived!

Cue squeals of excitement.

It was my yarn for the A Creative Being Scheepjeswol CAL. YAY!


Now lovely Lucie would have you believe that it’s all my fault that she’s also taking part… I say the truth is she couldn’t resist THIS:

Now this colour palette is totally outside of my usual comfort zone (mint green anyone?!) but I find I’m loving it.

I have even, completely coincidentally, managed to co-ordinate my hook!


About to set to work on square 1. Yay!