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Taking a little break

Hello blogging friends

I’ve decided to take a little break from my blog. I don’t know how long, but I’m sure I’ll be back. Previously I blogged a lot and got a lot out of it, but this year as my job has got busier, including lots of evening meetings, I’ve found myself doing it less and less. This has been a source of such pleasure in the past I don’t want it to become a chore or to feel guilty I haven’t posted. So, in the same way I’m acknowledging what I do and don’t want to knit, I’m being honest and saying, I don’t have blogs in me at the moment. 

I don’t want to lose touch with my blogging friends, so I can be found (for now) at @mollieandclaire on Instagram and mollieandclaire (at) is our email address. I will still get notifications of postings so here too.

See you soon

Claire & Mollie xx

PS: I’m taking part in Stitching Santa so I’ll have to blog at Christmas!

PPS: here are a few hats I’m making: 

Wearing my favourite new hat…October projects:

Mollie looking cute in her Thundershirt. 

See you soon x

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Progress on projects…

The previously mentioned hat… Just including this in case anyone thinks I’ve given up my yarn matching nail varnish! 

Progress on the socks…

And I’ve started a second poncho, this time for my niece, in King Cole Galaxy Chunky…

Oh and I’m making another Little Cotton Rabbit…

Plenty to keep me busy. 😊

Crochet · Family & friends · Knitting

An idyllic summer day 

I was off work today and I invited my mum, my sister, my nephew and niece and both their dogs to join me in my garden for a pool party. 

As you can see we had to completely cover up the rabbit hutch as both visiting dogs stare  obsessively at the rabbits and we didn’t want the bunnies upset! 

The pool was a great success and the children spent six hours over the course of the day playing in it and generally having a fabulous time. At the end of the day Mum’s dog Lucy also got in it! 
In fact they were so tired they had a nap! 

The dogs had a fantastic time playing in the garden. Chilling out: 

Dilly failing to realise that I was quite cross she’d broken my Nemesia in half…! Probably what eventually did the damage: 

And while everyone did what they wanted, the adults sat and worked on projects. 

My sister is making a second crochet mermaid tail blanket. Mum is making some Jelly Roll socks (from the same designer as ‘Rose City Rollers’). And I’ve cast on some Drops Big Merino for another Darkke Hat, this time for my brother-in-law.  

We ate lunch,  we hung out, we ate dinner we hung out:  it’s been a really really nice day. 

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More doilies & garden

I thought the addiction was waning. But it’s still strong… 

I’ve also continued to work on the garden… Damon swept the patios and put out the garden furniture on Thursday:

I had a day off work so I staked the sunflowers and filled some more pots: 

And decided I’d be spending a lot of time in this particular location this summer. 

Mollie has also outdone herself this week in providing her best ‘hard done by’ Lab face. This one because I wanted to sweep…

And this one because I wanted to seed the bare patch of lawn she was laying on. My garden is 80ft long. But she is invariably on the bit I want to work on!