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Knitting again!

I haven’t done any knitting since March so I’m glad to get back to it…

Working on a summer cardigan for my Mum for her birthday in Sirdar Ella, a cotton acrylic mix with stellina:

Working a little on my Rose City Rollers socks in Skein Queen: 

I’m just about to finish the toe of sock one:

I also blocked Dare To Dream at the weekend to gift on Thursday:

Mollie has also been cute this week! 

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Apart from grouse about fireworks I’ve…

Painted my kitchen and made my Christmas cake (no photos yet), and done some of each of these projects:  

I went on a little visit to my favourite yarn store Marmalade Yarns and took a few pix!  





Resisted this Skein Queen with all my might: 


Bought some sparkly buttons: 


And a little bit of Rowan Handknit cotton to make a doily to match this mug: 


Lucy visited… 

 I swear that dog is grinning! 

Mollie was not impressed to have Lucy’s feet on her! 


And Mollie has been happier tonight in her Thundershirt.  


Though less impressed when I declined to share my chocolate!  



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Fabulous crafty weekend!

I’ve been staying at my Mum’s looking after her dog Lucy. Lucy is a handful!  


On Saturday I worked on the Mustardseed shawl for the shawl swap:  


While my sister made pompom alliums as decorations for her 40th birthday party in August!  


There five pom-poms there and one real allium!

Lucy got herself VERY wet in her paddling pool: 


Today I did a couple of rows of the shawl before turning to sewing the ends in on the crochet blanket for my step-granddaughter. And here it is in all its glory:  


And then I turned to the blanket I’m making for my sister as a gift for that big birthday…  


I think Lucy has enjoyed her weekend… Mollie did too!  Even if she has a less enthusiastic way of showing it! 


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A woolly pitstop…

Mollie and I had a quick visit with lovely Janet at Marmalade Yarns on our way home from work today…   


Mollie admiring some Noro… 

I bought nothing! I am trying to be well behaved. 

This evening after the excitement of a very large posterboard being erected in my garden (it’s probably an involved-in-politics thing, like election fever!) I knitted the body of my knitted elephant!  

 I think I’m going to change her eyes from brown to black, I just don’t like them brown (they look red here). 

KAL post will be up Wednesday at 9am. 


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Knitting Niece

This has to be my best ta-dah ever! 

In other news, my lovely sister modeled Sophora for me:

She liked it so  much she didn’t want to take it off so I have committed to making her a Woolly Wormhead slouchy hat!

The family dogs were all together: 

Lucy (front left) and Dilly (front right) are litter siblings.  Their Mum was a springer spaniel and their Dad a golden retriever. They are such lovely dogs.  Mollie loves them in moderation!

Today I knitted a little dress for Betty Bunny.  Sarah and I had given ourselves until next weekend to do the dress but I still have to block, sew it up, sew the ends in and find a suitable button! 

I got out my baby cashmerino stash this afternoon and have been planning other dresses 🙂

Right, time to go to bed and prepare for a busy week!

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To Farleigh Hungerford Castle & beyond

This morning was beautiful in Somerset, the sun was shining and I had written on my list of jobs ‘take Mollie for a walk’ (I should say that this is not as strange as it might sound as I write everything I plan to do on a Saturday or Sunday down individually on a list – chores and nice things – as a) I like ticking things off lists and b) getting the boring things done first leaving the nice things on the list spurs me on…) I phoned my Mum and suggested we take a jaunt to Farleigh Hungerford Castle, which is a 20 minute drive away from us.  We’re both members of English Heritage who look after the building but I knew that Mum had never been.  And best of all, Mollie could go with us.  Lucy, Mum’s dog, was with the dog minder as Mum was out yesterday & last night and she hadn’t arrived back yet!

It’s a really interesting place – following are some of the photos I took – and there is a little bit of info here and an entire history here.

Mollie sitting by an old long drop latrine pit! 

If you look up in the South West tower you can see the remains of the spiral staircase – My phone was pointing upwards if the perspective is a bit weird! 

Looking across the site to surrounding countryside: 

The moat:

Mum & Mollie by The Lady Tower: 

Yes, it’s a mystery to me how I have a mother that is both very slim and blond.  I think the key might be that I’m the spitting image of my larger framed father….

We came home and I enjoyed working on a shawl I cast on last night.  I’d spent all week picking out three patterns to go with three skeins of yarn I want to use, but two balls of Noro have sent that haywire and I chose to knit it up using Martina Behm’s 22 Little Clouds.  

Last night…

This morning:


Right now: 

I may work on one of my other WIPs tomorrow, but then again I may not…

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You bloggers are great

I haven’t had a great day. Actually its been hell on wheels. But tonight when I got home I had loads of messages of encouragement, support and suggestions for how to deal with Prolix. Nothing huge, just nice stuff. And then I read your blogs and enjoyed those too. So thank you, because you were a beacon in a patch of murk.

RIght after my positive bloggy fix my godson came to visit. He is ADORABLE. Particularly the times when he kisses Mollie and when calls D ‘Diiimiiin’



He had to have his juice in a big boy mug like his godfather!

Mollie is snoozing and I am now going to knit a little more on my silk…


IMG_9864PS: I submitted my second job application today (good thing I actually completed it on Sunday!). Keep your fingers crossed I get an interview for one or both of them!