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Taking a little break

Hello blogging friends

I’ve decided to take a little break from my blog. I don’t know how long, but I’m sure I’ll be back. Previously I blogged a lot and got a lot out of it, but this year as my job has got busier, including lots of evening meetings, I’ve found myself doing it less and less. This has been a source of such pleasure in the past I don’t want it to become a chore or to feel guilty I haven’t posted. So, in the same way I’m acknowledging what I do and don’t want to knit, I’m being honest and saying, I don’t have blogs in me at the moment. 

I don’t want to lose touch with my blogging friends, so I can be found (for now) at @mollieandclaire on Instagram and mollieandclaire (at) is our email address. I will still get notifications of postings so here too.

See you soon

Claire & Mollie xx

PS: I’m taking part in Stitching Santa so I’ll have to blog at Christmas!

PPS: here are a few hats I’m making: 

Wearing my favourite new hat…October projects:

Mollie looking cute in her Thundershirt. 

See you soon x

Family & friends

Knitting related gifts 

I was very lucky this year to receive a number of knitting related gifts for my birthday. I have friends that often buy me yarn, but then they are knitters or crocheters themselves. So, my Noro from my knitting buddy Sam was much appreciated: 

And my friend Criss gave me this project bag which is ideal for a large chunky project! 

And my niece made me this pot for my crochet hooks! 

But it is extra special when family or friends who are not knitters buy you something that is perfect. When they came to visit us my step son and daughter in law bought with them this: 

It’s a Cath Kidston knitting needle case, with four sets of very nice birch needles inside. I am properly delighted with it! 

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There’s the non edible type. 


Making the cakes: 

And the finished cakes! 

Back left Countess Ablaze, Lord Kitchener’s Lace in colour way Bad Girls Club; back middle, Devon Sun Yarns, Aran in colour way Spring Rainbow; back right Cat and Sparrow fibres, DK in colour way Great Ocean Road; front left Mothy & The Squid, sock yarn in colour way Hummingbird Stripes; front right Mothy & The Squid, sock yarn in Grey Skies, Rainbow Brite. 😊

And then of course there’s edible cake! 

It was my Mum’s birthday. My niece decorated the cake. She operates on the family principle of More Is More…

Yes my Mum is that age and no, she really doesn’t look it. (Side note I take after my Dad…)

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An idyllic summer day 

I was off work today and I invited my mum, my sister, my nephew and niece and both their dogs to join me in my garden for a pool party. 

As you can see we had to completely cover up the rabbit hutch as both visiting dogs stare  obsessively at the rabbits and we didn’t want the bunnies upset! 

The pool was a great success and the children spent six hours over the course of the day playing in it and generally having a fabulous time. At the end of the day Mum’s dog Lucy also got in it! 
In fact they were so tired they had a nap! 

The dogs had a fantastic time playing in the garden. Chilling out: 

Dilly failing to realise that I was quite cross she’d broken my Nemesia in half…! Probably what eventually did the damage: 

And while everyone did what they wanted, the adults sat and worked on projects. 

My sister is making a second crochet mermaid tail blanket. Mum is making some Jelly Roll socks (from the same designer as ‘Rose City Rollers’). And I’ve cast on some Drops Big Merino for another Darkke Hat, this time for my brother-in-law.  

We ate lunch,  we hung out, we ate dinner we hung out:  it’s been a really really nice day. 

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The ‘paddling pool’

Tonight I expressed a mild desire for a paddling pool. Four years ago I bought my Mum one for her dog Lucy. It’s about 3 feet across and hard plastic. Perfect for dogs to lay in and drink out of. I was thinking I could get something similar but as Mollie may or may not get in it, I could paddle in it too. 

Roll on an hour and D came back from collecting my newest prescription and presented me with this: 

8 foot wide, nearly 3 feet deep….

Now I should have expected this. D is extremely generous but he does like to go big and in bulk. Remember my fabulous toolbox for my cotton yarn? He wanted to buy me one on wheels that was 3 times as big and was surprised when I opted for the one I wanted….

My Mum pointed out that I should be grateful he didn’t buy two. Very good point!

Anyway, if it’s the hottest day of the year and you have a paddling pool, you have to put it up! 

I had been laying on that towel…. Then we had to move it because the ground wasn’t even…

I’m paddling. It’s nice. I need to get my nephew & niece round to enjoy it! 

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Where did that week go?!

10 days ago I was coming back from Manchester, and since then I’ve been to a literary quiz (we came second last..), had a crazy week at work, been to my step brother’s wedding (my new sister in law was SUCH a beautiful bride) mowed the lawn several times, and discovered my wretched infection is back again. Which is why I’m sitting in my back garden like a limp rag having just surfaced rather than working. D is off to fetch my new antibiotics in an hour and that should perk me up. Anyway, some photos of my week – I’ve only worked on the second scrapalong hat…

Considering the colours for a third scrapalong hat – and this one for me 😊

Knitting in the garden is such bliss! 

Knitting on dog…

Dog wearing knitting (not impressed): 

A trip to see Independence Day 2 (I love Bill Pullman!) 

Mollie’s friend Bentley visited and D was very honoured to be asked to be one of his Dads’ bestman at their forthcoming wedding. 

Hat progress: 

Some photos of me, D and niece J from the wedding. I love that first one! 

The happy couple: 

Such a beautiful dress. They are both lovely people and we don’t see them as often as we’d like as they live in Abu Dhabi. 

The wedding was held at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset and I took a few photos while walking round with D & J after dinner. Jess got in as many photos as possible!

An action packed week! 

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A calmer weekend

On Saturday I picked my new glasses, took a very brief trip to Trowbridge (25 minutes) and spent some time with my friend at her yarn shop!   

I spent the last of my Christmas voucher from D on these two skeins…   

Which I promptly made into balls and cast on!   


I did a little more crochet…     

I helped my sister start her second crochet project, a mermaid tail blanket for my niece:   

We crocheted together! 

Mollie looked cute!  

I bought a new reindeer mug 😊 

 On Sunday we took our niece to see Yeovil Ladies FC play Millwall Lionesses:  A happy uncle and niece enjoying their half time cookies and hot chocolate! While I added to #placesyoucanknit 😄
Jess was a bit bored in the first half, but in the second she watched every minute and got very excited about the goal, and missed goals. She wanted to meet the player, Sarah Wiltshire, who scored Yeovil’s goal: 

 Yeovil FC have a good policy for both their teams, that the players are available to meet fans and sign autographs/ have pictures taken after the match. I love that Jess is able to meet women that are successful in areas traditionally dominated by men. She told me that she wants to put this picture on the wall in her bedroom, and to come to lots more matches. It was very sweet to hear her telling her football obsessed uncle about the three times Yeovil ‘hit the post’ so could have scored loads more. 😄

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Saturday meanderings

You know when you have one of those days where you’ve done LOADS of things but don’t feel like you’ve actually got anything done? Well today I’ve hung out with friends, and family, been to a birthday lunch and done loads of jobs that needed doing but only a few rows of knitting… That might explain the feeling, I have after all been reasonably productive elsewhere. 

It all started this morning. I was a bit grumpy. I don’t like mornings, I’m hormonal and I was a bit huffy with D. I was moving money around bank accounts to pay for the three tyres and alternator our car has recently had. Yes it was expensive – four figures 😱 – but it’s covered. Think how much wool I could buy for that… Or frankly how many iPods to replaces ones that had been through a full 40C wash cycle in D’s work trousers. That was another part of the source of my huffiness. The clean but utterly defunct one was a Christmas present from me.

We’ve also had to buy a new microwave this week as ours broke (and it is important to have something that you can occasionally heat a ready meal up in – or it’s more usual use – soften a bit of butter in!) and I got D to put the old one in the car so I could take it to the dump. By 9.30am I was in the vet paying Mollie’s last bill, dropping off her insurance claim form and buying poo bags and tinned meat. As a vegetarian I hate the meat but Molls loves it and I’m going to keep her on it for a while. I then dumped the old microwave. With grateful thanks to one of the men working there who got it out of my car and threw it away for me. 

I then hightailed it down to my favourite and local yarn store Marmalade Yarns for what I expected to be a quiet chat with my friend Maxine, the co-owner, while she opened up for the day. No chance! She had a full session in for a crochet course and lots of people in and out of the shop buying things. At one point I even helped make the tea for the course as she was so busy! But we did get a chance to hang out a bit!  
I was VERY good. I just squished, even though I saw some Noro the exact match for my sofa; a clear teal blue, my favourite colour. 

However Maxine did enable me to buy a number of books. By enable, I mean, she showed them to me and I bought them! The ones for me are…

Ruby & Custard’s crochet by Millie Masterton, which looks really interesting and has some lovely projects: 

And believe is or not ‘Mandalas to crochet’ by Haafner Linssen. Yes, I know I violently object to the word mandala being used to describe what is actually a colourful doily, but I do quite like crocheting doilies. 

I’m thinking of making my sister a set of doily placemats… I also bought a copy for Sam for his birthday from Mollie; Mum and Gayle were presented after lunch with Woodland Knits and Knitted Safari. They were just too good to pass up and did make everyone happy. I did tell Gayle that I had added everything in both books to the list of things I don’t knit. Obviously. 

Back at Marmalade I had a chat with Maxine about the next Possiwools outing. The Possiwools are a group of ladies from all over the country who have met through Devon Sun Yarns Lyme Regis yarn retreats and IG; they were named by one members teenage son. It’s stuck. Anyway, our next outing is to Frome!

I had to leave at 11ish to pick up my nephew so he could do his jobs at our house. He normally comes on a Sunday after his karate class but tomorrow I will be on my way to watch my first match of the season at Yeovil Ladies FC…  It’s entirely my own fault. I told D on New Year’s Day I would like to attend a women’s football match this year. He can’t pass up a bargain (I know this so should be forewarned) and last weekend presented me with this.   

 Yes, it’s a season ticket. He has one too. Why go to one match when you can go to 10? All I’m saying is, he’d better buy me a scarf!

At 12.30 Alex and I went round to Mum’s for a celebratory lunch for our friend Sam’s birthday. There was an amazing butternut squash and ginger soup, bread, cheese and ultimately cake:  

We gave him some yarn bought at Stephen & Penelope in Amsterdam: Malabrigo Aroyo, and a Stephen West Askews Me Shawl pattern. The yarn we bought is what’s used in the sample so we know it will be ok!  

Later on I took Mollie for a walk and found Gayle and my nephew & niece in my house when I got back. I hadn’t seen her for oh 3 hours so it was nice to chat. 

I’ve worked on my lace shawl this evening on and off.  

And Mollie has been cute.  

 Yes, she is much better on the tablets. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be fun. Til then xx