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Where Claire buys yarn

Some friends came to visit today to go to the Frome Independent Market. One friend had offered for sale these two wonderful skeins of Devon Sun Yarns Aran weight, which I snapped up because I want to make my stepgranddaughter another Entrechat Cardigan in this colour way!  

While we were wandering about the market we came upon a new-to-me independent dyer ‘Cat & Sparrow Fibres’ 

There was no chance I was going home without some! I did love the pinky orange at the top left but it was lace, so I chose the blue at top right. It’s DK weight and called ‘Great Ocean Road’. Gurt lush! 

We finished the day off with flapjack and ginger cake in my garden. Just perfect. 

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Fairisle class

When I attended the yarn retreat last December, I met two women in particular (everyone was nice!) that I liked very much and knew we would become firm friends. We were due to attend Unravel in February together but I missed that due to Mollie’s illness. So I arranged a class at my local yarn store Marmalade Yarns for yesterday, and a couple of other friends joined us. We had collectively agreed we would like to do Fairisle in the round as it was a skill all of us wanted to learn.

Our tutor, knitwear designer Mary Henderson, had a fantastic collection of samples and soon had us picking our colour choices and casting on!  

I chose to go with orange and red to start off with!  

By the end of the class I’d done this: 

And these were all our efforts: 

 Some of us are quicker at knitting than others! I think I went for the the most colour changes – I was at colour 5 in this photo! 

All in all a brilliant day and an excellent class.  

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Saturday meanderings

You know when you have one of those days where you’ve done LOADS of things but don’t feel like you’ve actually got anything done? Well today I’ve hung out with friends, and family, been to a birthday lunch and done loads of jobs that needed doing but only a few rows of knitting… That might explain the feeling, I have after all been reasonably productive elsewhere. 

It all started this morning. I was a bit grumpy. I don’t like mornings, I’m hormonal and I was a bit huffy with D. I was moving money around bank accounts to pay for the three tyres and alternator our car has recently had. Yes it was expensive – four figures 😱 – but it’s covered. Think how much wool I could buy for that… Or frankly how many iPods to replaces ones that had been through a full 40C wash cycle in D’s work trousers. That was another part of the source of my huffiness. The clean but utterly defunct one was a Christmas present from me.

We’ve also had to buy a new microwave this week as ours broke (and it is important to have something that you can occasionally heat a ready meal up in – or it’s more usual use – soften a bit of butter in!) and I got D to put the old one in the car so I could take it to the dump. By 9.30am I was in the vet paying Mollie’s last bill, dropping off her insurance claim form and buying poo bags and tinned meat. As a vegetarian I hate the meat but Molls loves it and I’m going to keep her on it for a while. I then dumped the old microwave. With grateful thanks to one of the men working there who got it out of my car and threw it away for me. 

I then hightailed it down to my favourite and local yarn store Marmalade Yarns for what I expected to be a quiet chat with my friend Maxine, the co-owner, while she opened up for the day. No chance! She had a full session in for a crochet course and lots of people in and out of the shop buying things. At one point I even helped make the tea for the course as she was so busy! But we did get a chance to hang out a bit!  
I was VERY good. I just squished, even though I saw some Noro the exact match for my sofa; a clear teal blue, my favourite colour. 

However Maxine did enable me to buy a number of books. By enable, I mean, she showed them to me and I bought them! The ones for me are…

Ruby & Custard’s crochet by Millie Masterton, which looks really interesting and has some lovely projects: 

And believe is or not ‘Mandalas to crochet’ by Haafner Linssen. Yes, I know I violently object to the word mandala being used to describe what is actually a colourful doily, but I do quite like crocheting doilies. 

I’m thinking of making my sister a set of doily placemats… I also bought a copy for Sam for his birthday from Mollie; Mum and Gayle were presented after lunch with Woodland Knits and Knitted Safari. They were just too good to pass up and did make everyone happy. I did tell Gayle that I had added everything in both books to the list of things I don’t knit. Obviously. 

Back at Marmalade I had a chat with Maxine about the next Possiwools outing. The Possiwools are a group of ladies from all over the country who have met through Devon Sun Yarns Lyme Regis yarn retreats and IG; they were named by one members teenage son. It’s stuck. Anyway, our next outing is to Frome!

I had to leave at 11ish to pick up my nephew so he could do his jobs at our house. He normally comes on a Sunday after his karate class but tomorrow I will be on my way to watch my first match of the season at Yeovil Ladies FC…  It’s entirely my own fault. I told D on New Year’s Day I would like to attend a women’s football match this year. He can’t pass up a bargain (I know this so should be forewarned) and last weekend presented me with this.   

 Yes, it’s a season ticket. He has one too. Why go to one match when you can go to 10? All I’m saying is, he’d better buy me a scarf!

At 12.30 Alex and I went round to Mum’s for a celebratory lunch for our friend Sam’s birthday. There was an amazing butternut squash and ginger soup, bread, cheese and ultimately cake:  

We gave him some yarn bought at Stephen & Penelope in Amsterdam: Malabrigo Aroyo, and a Stephen West Askews Me Shawl pattern. The yarn we bought is what’s used in the sample so we know it will be ok!  

Later on I took Mollie for a walk and found Gayle and my nephew & niece in my house when I got back. I hadn’t seen her for oh 3 hours so it was nice to chat. 

I’ve worked on my lace shawl this evening on and off.  

And Mollie has been cute.  

 Yes, she is much better on the tablets. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be fun. Til then xx


Bloggers meet up

I’ve been turning over in my mindfor the last month or the feeling  that I’d love to meet some of my blogging friends in 2016.

I recently met some Instagram friends and loved getting to know them. 

Over the last four years I’m lucky enough to have met a number of people through Mollie’s Twitter account – we had ‘tweet-up’ dog walks, and I have made some incredible friends for life. 

Now I know this won’t work if we don’t live in the same country – though if you live in a country I’m visiting or if you’re visiting the UK, and our schedules work out, I’m always up for coffee! 

This has come up now as I’ve been invited to go to an Instagram meet-up in Street (about 20 miles west of where I live) next Saturday, which I’m excited about. 

Anyway this is just a feeling I thought I’d put out there and see what people think. Comment below or send me an email (it’s mollieandclaire (at) and we’ll see if there’s an appetite for meeting up. 


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A picnic and some beads

My sister and Mum had volunteered to wallpaper the feature walk in our bedroom if I took my nephew & niece & honourary niece out for the day. A picnic vs decorating?! No contest. We went to our favourite place Old Wardour Castle:  


After eating, while I knitted  


The others played old fashioned card games, Happy Families and others!  


Dilly my sister’s dog came with us:  


The views from where I was sitting:  


More knitting!  The colours look amazing in the sunlight. 

On the way home we called in at Stitchncraft beads and bought some beaded jewellery kits. It kept the girls quiet until and after tea time!  


I bought myself one too but not until I have some time to myself!  


And finally I own a pair of stork scissors!  


Tomorrow I might have some photos of the decorated room! 


A good day and a fabulous evening.

This morning I set off to work very pleased with my purple black nail varnish…


And was delighted to discover my sister had left some more colours for me with my Mum. If you like a bit of nail varnish it is convenient to have a sister in the trade. 🙂


Work was great, I had coffee with two friends and a lovely chat at lunchtime, this afternoon I sent off my first job application form (yay!) and this evening Sam and Josh came round. You know those evenings where everything is funny and you laugh until you cry. One of those evenings…

I pulled faces and sent selfies to my sister (well actually, we all did that)

Josh investigated his birthday chocolates…

While Sam tried on both my newly knitted shawls…


IMG_9761 and my warm scarf…

Wine and fruity cider *might* have been taken…

Prolix progress pix tomorrow 🙂


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Wingspan & other activities!

First version of Week 5’s square in the Scheepjeswol CAL.


Working on Wingspan on Saturday…


Mollie having a woogle…


My sister and Dilly the spangold visited…


Dilly, the Victoria Beckham of the spaniel world…


More Wingspan…


Sunday morning happiness…


Possible startitis?


I call Ollie my friend C’s godrabbit! We made time for a visit at lunchtime on Monday.


Flora, who doesn’t do cuddles under any circumstances was baffled…


More Wingspan in action…


Transferred onto circulars as the single points were getting too heavy I got to lay it out for the first time!


And Mollie on Tuesday breakfast time!


And that is what we’ve been up to – craft & pet wise – in photos. 😉


Blog Hop

Several weeks ago the lovely Lucie nominated me to take part in the Blog Hop. I think I was supposed to do it within a week, but it has taken me until now to actually get round to it.

It’s quite simple, answer a few questions and nominate two fellow bloggers to carry the hop onwards.

So, without further ado…

What are you working on at the moment?

A those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I often have a ridiculous amount of WIPs going on. However in the run up to Christmas I have refined them…

A knitted cardigan for my Mum in Sirdar Ella. It’s a Christmas present.




A waistcoat in Noro crochet squares for my Dad, also for Christmas.





A star shaped crochet blanket for my adorable godson who is two in a month.



The 2014 Scheepjes CAL!





I have changed the order of the next two questions as it makes sense for my answers.

How does your writing process work?
I think you would describe my style as steam of consciousness tidied up. I don’t plan posts, other than taking photos. I very rarely create a draft and work on it more than once. If I have something to say, I say it, illustrate it with photos and make sure there are no typos or howling grammatical errors. These slip through from time to time but I do try and make sure they aren’t published!

How does your blog differ from others of it’s genre
This is a remarkably hard question to answer. I think honestly I have to say that my posts are probably more slapdash than others I read! I think you can understand a lot about my crafting and my love of the subject in the way I post; equally I imagine it’s only accessible or enjoyable if you like my narrative voice. A lot of the blogs I read are beautifully photographed, carefully written and provide excellent patterns and instructions. I love those blogs and I am so happy they are successful; there are times when I am a bit envious, but that style isn’t me right now! My work and other activities can be very serious and it’s nice to have a space where I can be frivolous or slapdash or have 25 projects on the go at once!

So, onto my nominees to carry on the blog hop.

First up is one of my favourite bloggy friends who is currently on her TWENTY-THIRD pair of socks this year (!!!!!), Salpal from What I’m Up To Today. I love how her posts about her life and crafting are structured around her actual lists of things she has to do and places she has to go. I have come to really want to visit Maine from her posts! One day…

A bit closer to home is the Oxfordshire haunt of The Twisted Yarn, whose incredible, inventive and large crafting feats (yarnbombing her own house springs to mind!) combined with being a parent of toddler twins and working (she has my awed respect for that alone) make up a really fabulous blog that has just celebrated it’s first anniversary.

If you don’t read these blogs, head on over, they are great! And over to you Salpal and Twisted with the Blog Hop. X