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Knitting again!

I haven’t done any knitting since March so I’m glad to get back to it…

Working on a summer cardigan for my Mum for her birthday in Sirdar Ella, a cotton acrylic mix with stellina:

Working a little on my Rose City Rollers socks in Skein Queen: 

I’m just about to finish the toe of sock one:

I also blocked Dare To Dream at the weekend to gift on Thursday:

Mollie has also been cute this week! 


Mollie’s results

Mollie, skinnier than usual but looking interested…

After three hospital stays, advice from our vets, treatment from a rather wonderful consultant vet at Langford called Fiona, and a load of blood tests, we finally have a diagnosis. 

Mollie has Addison’s Disease, which is where the adrenal gland stops functioning and no longer produces natural steroids or electrolytes. 

It is completely treatable and Mollie starts her treatment today. 

Hopefully she will respond well to treatment and put back on a bit of weight and feel less tired. 

Thank goodness she is insured for whole life conditions! 


Mollie at the vet…

Mollie has been a bit under the weather for the last few months, with bouts of sickness followed by being fine. 

Blood tests earlier in the week were ‘unremarkable’ – the vets words not mine – but he wanted her to have X-rays and an endoscopy today. 

We picked her up at 5pm. The vet thinks she has a tumour in her stomach wall. Or actually more accurately in the muscle behind the stomach wall. This isn’t stomach cancer as that’s very obvious apparently, and the lump could be cancer or could be benign. 

He’s referring her to a specialist clinic attached to the University of Bristol for a CT Scan and possible operation. 

I feel very philosophical as I trust him implicitly and feel that he would not refer her, as an older dog, for expensive and complicated medical treatment if he didn’t think it was worth it. 

But I’ve let Pet Plan know! Thank goodness I’ve always had her on the top premium and she’s insured for up to £12,000 worth of veterinary treatment! 

She’s home and very woozy. We hope to have her referral quite quickly. 
Keep her in your thoughts. x

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Thank you mystery Stitching Santa – from Mollie

My Stitching Santa parcel arrived today! So excited!  

And a special note for Mollie:  

And it said we were allowed to open it! So we did!  

 (Mollie watching!)

It’s a fabulous bandana! Now dear Stitching Santa, Mollie wasn’t really in the mood for having her photo taken today….


Until we got the biscuits out!  

Thank you so much! We look forward to the rest of the parcels on Friday! 

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Apart from grouse about fireworks I’ve…

Painted my kitchen and made my Christmas cake (no photos yet), and done some of each of these projects:  

I went on a little visit to my favourite yarn store Marmalade Yarns and took a few pix!  





Resisted this Skein Queen with all my might: 


Bought some sparkly buttons: 


And a little bit of Rowan Handknit cotton to make a doily to match this mug: 


Lucy visited… 

 I swear that dog is grinning! 

Mollie was not impressed to have Lucy’s feet on her! 


And Mollie has been happier tonight in her Thundershirt.  


Though less impressed when I declined to share my chocolate!  




I hate fireworks and this is why:

The fear Mollie feels when the bangs happen. She doesn’t rationalise it, she’s just scared. So are many domestic and farm animals.  

That’s before you get to the stress so many animal owners feel at this time of year. 

Now, actually I quite like looking at fireworks but I really deplore the unlicensed way they are sold. Too many people are injured each year, quite apart from the issue of animal fear. 

I’m a liberal and I’m not keen on more rules but I do think fireworks should be licensed. My idea is that you can set off fireworks but you have to have a plan, get permission from the council, advise neighbours if you get permission and enable people to plan for this stressful time. This would also help with keeping people safe as they’d have to include safety plans. 

The campaign starts now.