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Alveare update…

I’ve been working away on it at my lunchtimes…  

And at bedtime…

I’ve been to Bath & walked round the back of the Abbey on my way to a meeting:  

And my husband has laid on the floor with the dog…  

 Her tail is going nineteen to the dozen! 
And I’ve looked back at what I was making a year ago.  Funnily enough, all crochet!  

And I’ve signed up for Sewchet’s Secret Santa. Head on over to her post to find out about it… 

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A pretty good start to the weekend!

Damon went to visit his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren this last week for a couple of days. They’re a lovely family and I see them less than I’d like as D mostly goes midweek as he works nights at the weekend and of course I’m at work in the week. He brought back my birthday gifts from them – this fantastic cow money box – I’m going to save for yarn purchases so she’s been named the Yarn Moo 😄   

Also this beautiful glass bauble: 


Yesterday I bought some new winter boots! Yes they are teal coloured. And super comfy. 😊  

 Damon bought Mollie a new and rather large bed… For £9… I preferred the mink coloured faux fur one without cartoon dogs (that cost £60), but hey, they’re both happy. 


Mum and I attended the installation of the new Bishop of Taunton at Wells Cathedral today. We were excited to see our new woman bishop!  


I got home from Wells to discover some happy mail. Cuddlebums is an indie dyer from Yorkshire and I’d seen this colourway on her Instagram feed and felt compelled to buy a skein!  I think this needs to be some armwarmers – it’s got silk in it!   

Happy yarn owner…  

And, in a stroke of GENIUS, this morning I decided to fire up the slow cooker! Meaning that by 6pm I had a Spnish style potato, butternut squash and Quorn sausage stew ready to eat. Spicy and redolent of garlic, it was DELICIOUS. And there is loads left!
Plus Strictly and Dr Who! A pretty decent day!  I have high hopes for tomorrow. 

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The Best Dressed Bunny and other stories

Betty’s wardrobe is just about complete: 


Ollie the real life bunny had a run in the garden:  


Clearly this was before the lawn was mowed.  Flora isn’t allowed out as she’s impossible to catch. Plus she’s half his size and has loads of room in their run.  He’s just a lot bigger than we ever expected a rabbit we owned to be!

A little bit of Scrumptious yarn just fell into my bag on Friday:  


I’ve been winding it and Mollie has been helping;  


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Crochet, Mollie and a late night purchase

As you can imagine things are pretty busy around here.  I’m really only managing to slip in a little bit of crafting here and there and none so far today! However last night I dug out my sister’s blanket and did a few more rounds!  


Mollie has been abandoned at her Granny’s more often than usual over the last couple of weeks and has taken to sitting and staring at me whenever we’re at home together…!  


Oh and look at my new sandals/shoes (Clarks claim they’re sandals)!  These were purchased during one of those late night, I’ve been up for ages and working too hard and somehow found myself clicking through on an advert on Facebook…  Yes, those adverts do work… But I LOVE these.  Perfect for the new job! 


Talking of the new job, I had to fill in a medical form online and of course had to admit to the gastro-encological issue I had last  year and recovered from earlier this year.  And now I have to have a full nurse assessment on Monday.  Eek.  I know it is routine and I can explain everything and people have illnesses and then start new jobs and I am absolutely fine now but you still feel nervous don’t you?! 

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New starts

Well my friends, I’m pleased to tell you that I have been offered a job. I didn’t mention the interview because it was such a perfect job and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. So, from 1st June I will be working for the Diocese of Bath & Wells (Church of England) in their education department. I am so delighted I can’t begin to tell you how much.  

A few friends popped round to drink several bottles of fizz with me this evening! 

Mollie has been particularly entertaining this evening:  

Before reverting to her usual expression:  

And tonight I also did this. 😊 


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A woolly pitstop…

Mollie and I had a quick visit with lovely Janet at Marmalade Yarns on our way home from work today…   


Mollie admiring some Noro… 

I bought nothing! I am trying to be well behaved. 

This evening after the excitement of a very large posterboard being erected in my garden (it’s probably an involved-in-politics thing, like election fever!) I knitted the body of my knitted elephant!  

 I think I’m going to change her eyes from brown to black, I just don’t like them brown (they look red here). 

KAL post will be up Wednesday at 9am. 


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In and out

Hello folks. I probably won’t be posting as much as usual on here over the next month as there’s an election on and my council seat is up on the same day as the General Election… And as there won’t be as much knitting going on I won’t have as much to talk about! However having been ill earlier in the year and at the end of last year, I am having to be very careful and rest a lot so there won’t be no knitting!  My lovely husband (who is also a councillor – we met the day we both got elected nearly 12 years ago) is doing a lot of the work for us both.  For that reason I am not at all envious that he is currently on a jolly in France where it is 24C and there appears to be much beer being drunk! 

I’ve also spent two of the last three nights filling in job applications (there has to be a job out there for me!) so that left no knitting time!

The knitting I do have to show is one of the two shawls I am making for the lace leaf KAL.  This is destined for my friend Christine and is the lace leaf pattern! I’ve finished week 2.

And I have done one row of week 2 on Blackthorn!

Mollie says hi!

Actually that expression is more long suffering than anything else…