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A question of pompoms…

I recently saw these pompoms on sale at Homebase for £3… 

And these pompom garlands for £12!! 

Now, I’m biased but I don’t think they’re as nice as my pompom garlands:  

  Which cost nothing like £12 to produce…


I reckon all 6 we made cost less than £12!     
Sorry Homebase. My pompoms are better than yours.  


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A shawl pin

A while back Salpal from What I’m Up To Today posted about a jeweller in her home state of Maine who makes the most fantastic shawl pins. I showed them to my husband as we happened to have been talking about how you wear a shawl (with panache and style – obviously – but he wanted to know the practicalities…) so was rather surprised to have this presented to me a couple of days ago:

Isn’t it beautiful? All the way from Adriot Jewellers in Maine! I am SO chuffed! 

That bar is loose and you put it through a shawl, bring the pin up through the opening and then swivel the circle to fasten. No pins! A really simple design. 

It’s still a bit too warm to wear shawls but I will get a lot of use out of it later in the year. 

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When I was a teenager, before the knitting bug took hold of me, I used to do quite a lot of embroidery. Mostly free form with stitches I invented! 

When I was 15 I embroidered this and Mum made it in to a cushion for my maternal grandmother for – I think – her 68th birthday.  
For years this sat on her green sofa in the front sitting room (the best room, not for everyday use) in pride of place and no-one was allowed to use it! Now it’s in my Mums sitting room and she’s less fussy but still doesn’t like it being sat on! 

Of course you don’t think about these things when you’re 15, but my grandfather was a botanical artist and while I clearly just made flowers up, what would have been brilliant would have been if I’d used one of his paintings as a base. Oh well.

The initials on the back:  

I don’t do embroidery anymore as its hard on the eyes and my asthma medication has given me a slight shake that doesn’t go well with tiny needles and delicate work but I am proud of this. 😊

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Crafty Birthday

I woke up as D came back from a night shift and we spent an hour together, him with breakfast, me with coffee and Mollie being cute!  

Unfortunately he has to work all over this weekend as I asked him to move his days holiday from today to next weekend when it’s my sister’s 40th party. 43 might be an achievement but it isn’t a big birthday!

D gave me a really lovely Lamy Neon Lime Green Safari italic nib fountain pen for my birthday. I love fountain pens and really want to practice italic handwriting so it was a perfect gift. AND turquoise ink!  
I then spent a happy couple of hours putting together the crochet bunting I’d been making this week before going over to my Mums where I blocked it.  

Our friends Sam and Josh came round for lunch…  

(I wasn’t expecting a cake and coffee cake is my favourite!)

… and stayed for the crafting!  

And this is some of what we made!  

5 strings of pompom bunting, 3 strings of crochet bunting and innumerable pompoms to hang on trees, bushes and dried twigs. 

It was a fabulous day and I had lots of lovely presents. I’m very lucky. 

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From the sublime to…

… work, 8 hours after we got home. And that includes sleeping, commuting and all the things you have to do to look work ready.  Argh.

I haven’t even unpacked my case yet – doing that this morning.  Color Affection is where I left off in Madeira as on Monday lunchtime I bought 11 balls of bright coloured but VERY cheap acrylic (we’re not talking Stylecraft here) to make some brightly coloured pompom garlands and crochet bunting for my sister’s 40th birthday party next weekend.  Now, we’ve known about this birthday for 39 years and three weeks and we’ve been planning the party for at least a year and have been crafting for it.  BUT apparently we haven’t made enough. However as my sister operates on the same more is more principle that I also use, I suspect this just means we haven’t YET made enough to to make her garden look truly bonkers.  So today, between empting my case, doing washing, feeding my rabbits, and generally sorting out as we are having our bathroom replaced next week, I’ll be doing this:


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A beaded bracelet

Today, I took the beads I bought yesterday and started following the pattern that I had also purchased. It wasn’t hard to follow, and if you’re adept at using a hand sewing needle the technique wasn’t difficult but tension is important.  

Making the squares:  


Simply, you made the beaded squares, then filled them with a sparkly Swarovski stone & four small beads. 

Like this! Ta-dah!



I enjoyed making it and would like to do more but it isn’t going to replace knitting or crochet!  

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Christmas cushions ta-dah

I wanted to do something a little different for Christmas so I bought four cushion covers, two teal and two silver.

Onto the first two I sewed some crochet snowflakes that I made back at the beginning of the year:


The stars are all from Caitlin Sanio’s 100 Snowflakes to Crochet. The ones below are pattern ‘Plane Dendrite’, the white in crochet cotton on a 1.9mm hook; the lilac in King Cole Galaxy on a 4.5mm hook. Those little blue points are actually sequins!


This pattern is ‘Ice Crystal II’, white crochet cotton on a 1.9mm hook.


With the second two I wanted to do something a bit different. I played around with some other snowflakes but I didn’t like the way they looked. I then decided to do a little embroidery with my Coats silver crochet thread onto the covers. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.





And with those my Christmas crafting is done! 😉

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Crafting on a Sunday

First thing this morning I had a text from my friend with this adorable picture of my godson wearing the Fairisle jumper I knitted for him last year! I am so glad that it fits him this year as well.


About lunchtime I ensconced myself in my new crafting space, realised I could use the ironing board like a table and set myself up!



I blocked the stars…


I sewed the ends in…


I made little hanging decorations…


And little garlands of stars…


Mollie slept through the whole day!


When it grew dark I pulled the curtains:


And made a couple of flowers. The green one is a brooch and the pink one is for Mollie’s very pretty chocolate Lab pal to wear on her collar.



By then it was teatime and I enjoyed a bit of a read while I cooked jacket potatoes. I’m off to London all day tomorrow for work so a quiet day was just what I needed!