Sartorial elegance


Mum and I went to Bath today. Apart from a considerable amount of time spent in the Apple store, we entirely devoted our time to Marks & Spencer. I found a clock for our sitting room and this FABULOUS cushion!


While Mum ransacked the clothing department I found the hats! I LOVE hats. I really regret that wearing a hat when you go out has gone out of fashion. I have several hats I wear during the winter, including a camel coloured cloche and a red trilby. And today I found two more!

A tweedy Miss Marple-esque effort:



And a navy blue asymmetrical hat to wear with my navy winter coat. Ooh I love this one. It’s my new best hat for when I travel to London or go to meetings. 😃



Excuse the dodgy selfies. But YAY for hats!

Sartorial elegance

Reliving my youth…

Yesterday I bought a pair of Dr Martens. Well sort of. Dr Martens by Golddigga, which isn’t a brand I know (but I suspect wouldn’t normally wear…) – they’re fabric and they were £18 from Sports Direct. My sister egged me on and I admit I am really taken with them. I last owned a purple pair of DMs 20 odd years ago. I loved those boots and wore them for years, although I can still remember the blisters from breaking them in! I realised today as I proudly strode out with my new boots on my feet that I was actually wearing exactly the same outfit as I used to wear when I had my purple pair – DMs, leggings & a tunic dress. Tho admittedly 20 years ago the dress was a lot shorter & the body was considerably thinner, and my choice of overwear probably wasn’t a handknit cardy. But hey…


I have been knitting, but I can’t get a good photo. Will post about it tomorrow.

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November guests

Our German friends are here from Friday evening until tomorrow lunchtime. As D had to work last night (he has tonight off thankfully) I got to spend all day with them which is lovely. At 10.30 I loaded them in the car and we headed for Wells to visit the Cathedral. The Cathedral is so beautiful: image But my favourite bit is the delicately painted ceiling: image

We stopped for lunch at The Strode Arms at Cranmore and sat beside the open fire. It’s a typical English pub, does seriously good lunches (nothing fancy, just good quality things like filled baguettes, Ploughmans and Ham, Egg & Chips). We then met D in town. My female German friend and I then went to look at the shops. We both bought a little something in the newly opened Fat Face. I’ve been thinking about knitting myself a lightweight grey scarf for a while, possibly in a lacy pattern. I only just found a cowl that looks almost exactly like what I wanted! image This is the pattern: image My only complaint is the tag, which claims it’s a crochet knitted snood. image There is absolutely no crochet involved in the creation of this scarf. None. The salesboy (sorry but he was about 17) told me there were others if it was faulty when I spread it out on the counter and examined it in detail. He gave me a funny look when I said I was looking for the crochet and tried to tell me it was probably just the name of the product. We then had a chat about the difference between knitting and crochet. He looked rather dazed by the end… 😄

Sartorial elegance

A new dress for a Sydney wedding

My stepsister is getting married next April in Sydney and my whole family is going. Our relationship is through my mother whose late husband was my stepsister’s Dad. When I say whole family, that’s me and the husband, my Mum, my sister, her husband and my nephew & niece. It’s going to be a big trip as once we’ve been to the wedding we’re off on a big two week tour seeing lots of things!

I had planned to wear the dress I had for my stepson’s wedding, which is a jade green. But then I saw this dress on the Anna Scholtz website:
It was in the sale! They had it in my size! I bought it for £53! It’s arrived! And it fits!!!
It is so pretty in person. The lace is orange and the underdress is cerise pink. All I have to find now is underwear that doesn’t show under it. No probs… What do you bet that costs more than the dress?! I am seriously considering getting some shoes died to match but that *may* be *slightly* too much orange? Maybe some nude or silver ones. We’ll see. Either way I am so pleased with this dress!

And the husband has admired it too and suggested we get him a shirt and tie to match. Tie definitely. Shirt no… I think that might be sliiiightly too much!

I did also get a new dress for interviews (being optimistic) 😄
I do feel like I’ve had a successful time with my shopping. I did try and take some photos of the dresses here but can’t get the colours right so I’m resorting to pix from the Anna Scholtz website.

I really love Anna Scholz designs. If you don’t know her stuff, she designs plus size clothes ranges, her own website has her designer range and there are more affordable pieces through I have quite a few pieces from Simply Be but I do keep an eye on the sales from her main website and these are dresses 3 and 4 I’ve had from the designer range. You can completely feel the difference in the material and finish. Plus the sizing is better I think. When I’m rich I shall only ever buy posh clothes. 😄😄

This is the next one on my wish list.
It’s silk. And £389… Maybe if I get a new job I could justify treating myself?!

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A good day

My colleagues gave me my birthday present today as I have tomorrow off. I had to share it as its so wonderful. It’s a tray:
I just love it!

I took our guests to Clarks Village shopping outlet in Street today. They were in shopping heaven! I left them to it and had a mooch about. I treated myself to a green blue Nica handbag 😄
It’s my favourite size and shape. And colour! With a long enough strap! I do love bags but I’m pretty brutal about not buying ones that aren’t completely practical. So this is a real find 😄

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A round up of Sunday…

I’ve mentioned before my troubles in getting shoes that work with my previously broken ankle… Although its baking hot for the UK at the moment, Mum and I reckoned that due to the heat, there would be hardly anyone at Clarks Village (a retail outlet centre) in Street if we popped over early on Sunday morning. So, we abandoned the decorating and headed off there. We were right, it was virtually empty. Our reason for going was I’m going to Poland in 10 days or a week, 4 days in the mountains and then we’re spending three days sightseeing in Krakow; my walking sandals have died, it’ll be warm, I need my feet to be comfortable, and my Birkenstocks are frankly clapped out!

After a detour through The White Stuff where my very slim mother bought an entire new wardrobe (or so it seemed!) we hit the Clarks outlet. There was nothing there suitable for my needs, which was really disappointing. We headed over to the Ecco concession where we had more luck! I got these fabby walking sandals with moveable straps to heel, and both of those over the foot:
They are very comfy, but better than that the straps are round my heel and my foot; they are worn very low, so don’t cause any issue with my ankle.

My Mum very kindly then bought me these blue ones, for days when sauntering & sitting are planned!

I was really happy with my haul and after we’d checked out a few other shops and I’d bought a friend a birthday gift and we’d stopped for coffee, I asked Mum if she minded if I went into the Clarks full price concession on our way back to the car because I wanted to check the cost of buying a pair of nude coloured brogues, like my black ones, for wearing with lighter coloured clothes in the autumn and spring. I saw a pair I liked three months ago, but didn’t note the price and I wanted to come back and get them toward the end of August. Mum didn’t mind, so we went in, to discover a sale on. And there were the shoes I wanted, just one pair, on the sale rail… And they were MY size!!! I had to buy them:
They were £25 which I think is a great price; I know that they’re going to pick up every last mark but hey, they are LOVELY. Suede and patent leather.

This absolutely made my day, and then I found a pair of Birkenstock style sandals for £5!!!!
I don’t think I have ever bought four pairs of shoes in one go before. I certainly don’t need anymore!

We finally made our way home and did a lot more decorating in her sitting room. Although the temperature wasn’t hotter, it felt hotter for some reason. Lucy was banned from the painting room! One mystery was however resolved… Mum keeps finding a dirty mark on her dining room windowsill and hadn’t been able to work out what she was doing to cause the mark…
Yes, that is a loop of fairy lights she’s looking over. They have been repositioned higher now we know what she’s up to!

In the evening, I did my CAL in the garden. I have one row left 😄 photos later.

Sartorial elegance

A night out

As well as decorating, we’d arranged to go out for dinner with some friends at a really nice pub. It meant I got to dress up, which doesn’t happen often, in my favourite turquoise sundress (I love the colour, just not on walls!) and some fancy shoes 😄

Plus I got to use my cute new handbag I bought this week for a very reasonable price in a shop that’s closing down. How fab is this?!


While we were out I noticed I still had paint speckles on my toes…

Good shoes or what?!
No, they are not comfortable but I only had to totter a short way before I got to sit down 😉

It was a good evening! I can recommend Kopperberg cider on a warm night 😄
This cider caused me to drench my feet while watering the plants and to attempt to photo myself in the mirror…

Good night all!

Sartorial elegance

New shoes…

I’ve mentioned my struggle to find fashionable and yet comfy shoes before. I got some new ones today. I like them but I can’t decide whether they’re:

* comfy and reasonably fashionable
* comfy, my Granny would like those

You decide:




I’m going to wear them, but I’m curious! Plus I wanted to play with the ‘add a poll’ button 😄

Oh – and they’re ergonomic!