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Stitching Santa 2016

I took part in this fun Secret Santa event last year – it’s organised by the lovely Sewchet – and I had to take part again this year! 

I enjoyed putting together my parcels for my recipient and was very excited when my parcel arrived. I opened it last night after D had gone to bed, so I could really enjoy looking at everything!!

First thing I saw was this: 

It’s a gorgeous project bag! 

That can also be used as a work bucket! 

There was a skein of the most beautiful yarn from Inspirational Yarns called ‘Frosted Holly’, in all my sort of colours! 

The next parcel I opened was a notions pouch…

I opened it up to see this! 

How perfect is that?! 

I just LOVE it! It also has a zipped pouch, where I found a ruler and mini pen! It is just perfect and I know I will use it all the time. 

My final two parcels were the wool needles above and these interesting things…the pink ‘Candy Cat’ turned out to be mini scissors! 

The parcel had a note attached asking me to open the parcel before the card, which I duly did.

Turns out that my lovely present sender is Sharon from Inspirational Yarns. I was even admiring her project bags on Etsy last week and now I own one!  Thank you so much Sharon, all the parcels are fabulous! Xxxx

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Stitching Santa Unpacked!

I posted earlier in the week about receiving my parcel and showed you the fabulous bandana Mollie received. Today I decided to open my parcels in the quiet hour we had after my sister and her children had departed after breakfast & stocking parcels. (As an aside, I’m glad I did as immediately afterwards D flooded the kitchen by leaving a tap running in the kitchen sink with the plug in – long term readers of my blog will understand how I felt about more water in the kitchen – and discovered that when our Lino was put down the fitters had rammed our washing machine under the work surface and we couldn’t get it out to dry behind it… Just what you want at Christmas!) 

Anyway before all that happened, I had a lovely time opening my Stitching Santa parcels. Firstly I opened Mollie’s card and discovered it was from Mr Hicks! I knew then that my Santa was Bekki from Dartmoor Yarns 😊 – here are my lovely presents, minus one item, which we’ll come back to…

Two balls of the most beautifully soft teal coloured pure Bluefaced Leicester lace weight yarn from Blacker Breeds:  

  Brilliant choice Bekki – and one of my absolute favourite colours, as you may have guessed from the colour of my sofa! 

There was also this lovely handmade ‘small project’ project bag:  
A bead box ( I LOVE it!)  

Some pretty stitch markers: 

And two beautiful buttons:  

 They will be going on something special. 
And now on to a bit of a piece de resistance! Bekki sent me a handmade fabric crown that matched Mollie’s bandana! It’s brilliant. Here I am wearing it with Molls:  

And I wore it all day – even while cooking – here I am posing in the Christmas aprons Mum made my sister and I as we cooked the dinner!  

Thank you so much Bekki, I loved your parcels.    And thank you to Sewchet for organising the Stitching Santa. Xx

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Thank you mystery Stitching Santa – from Mollie

My Stitching Santa parcel arrived today! So excited!  

And a special note for Mollie:  

And it said we were allowed to open it! So we did!  

 (Mollie watching!)

It’s a fabulous bandana! Now dear Stitching Santa, Mollie wasn’t really in the mood for having her photo taken today….


Until we got the biscuits out!  

Thank you so much! We look forward to the rest of the parcels on Friday!