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Dare to Dream

Those of you who’ve been coming here for a while won’t be staggered to discover I’ve cast on a project I didn’t plan to do this month…. I intended to knit a Boo Knits beaded shawl for my colleague for her birthday in June and had tentatively marked down April for that project. I’d also planned to use the gorgeous Yan-tan-tethera yarn I won in the giveaway for this project. 

BUT Boo Knits is running a Mystery Knit-a-long in April and I just HAVE to join in. It’s lace weight and needs beads, so I’ve picked some lace out of my stash, ordered some beads and am ready to go!

I was so excited with the idea of the MKAL, I just needed to knit a beaded shawl. It’s definitely my favourite thing to knit.  So, I caked the yarn:  

Picked my tools including some lovely gold beads:

And started:  


After a number of hours busy work:  


The start of the beading!  
Loving the pattern as usual.  

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Some projects just don’t work out…

I was getting on really well with the hat….  

And then it occurred to me to try it on to see how nice it looked… Well, I hadn’t thought about how glasses might work with a very close fitting hat… 

Let’s be honest, it looks like an old lady hat turban. And not in a good way. I thought about finishing it for my sister, even though she laughed like a drain at the photo, but finally decided that as I wanted the yarn as a hat for me that the only way was frogging…

Back to Ravelry for a good pattern! 

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A pretty good start to the weekend!

Damon went to visit his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren this last week for a couple of days. They’re a lovely family and I see them less than I’d like as D mostly goes midweek as he works nights at the weekend and of course I’m at work in the week. He brought back my birthday gifts from them – this fantastic cow money box – I’m going to save for yarn purchases so she’s been named the Yarn Moo 😄   

Also this beautiful glass bauble: 


Yesterday I bought some new winter boots! Yes they are teal coloured. And super comfy. 😊  

 Damon bought Mollie a new and rather large bed… For £9… I preferred the mink coloured faux fur one without cartoon dogs (that cost £60), but hey, they’re both happy. 


Mum and I attended the installation of the new Bishop of Taunton at Wells Cathedral today. We were excited to see our new woman bishop!  


I got home from Wells to discover some happy mail. Cuddlebums is an indie dyer from Yorkshire and I’d seen this colourway on her Instagram feed and felt compelled to buy a skein!  I think this needs to be some armwarmers – it’s got silk in it!   

Happy yarn owner…  

And, in a stroke of GENIUS, this morning I decided to fire up the slow cooker! Meaning that by 6pm I had a Spnish style potato, butternut squash and Quorn sausage stew ready to eat. Spicy and redolent of garlic, it was DELICIOUS. And there is loads left!
Plus Strictly and Dr Who! A pretty decent day!  I have high hopes for tomorrow. 

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A shawl I didn’t knit! 

I’ve been taking part in an Instagram Autumn Shawl Swap – you make one for someone and they make one for someone else and so on! I’ve got til October 14 to finish mine (loads of time!) but the person making mine has sent it to me! The pattern is Peipponnen:  

And here it is laid out: 


Isn’t it beautiful? I’m am so pleased with it I can’t tell you. My swap buddy Karen @jumpingthroughloops has picked the perfect pattern and colour. Now I just need to finish the one I’m making!   😄


Quote A Day for 3 Days… Day 1

*Warning! This post contains no wool whatsoever*

The lovely Pauline over at The Contented Crafter invited folks to take up the baton from her on the Quote A Day for 3 Days challenge. I was totally up for it as I love that sort of post. 

So here’s my Day 1. From Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. I grew up in Ireland and the first vote I ever cast was for Mary Robinson when she stood as President for the first time.   


I’m cheating a bit and including two quotes!  


She’s a very inspirational woman, biography here, which is well worth reading, and now runs a foundation campaigning for climate justice, as well has continuing to be appointed on occasion as a UN Special Envoy.  


Lace Leaf KAL Week 1!

Thank you very much for joining. Hope you have your yarn, needles and pattern and have set your project up on Ravelry so we can all see it in progress…

Instructions for week 1:

Blackthorn pattern

Do the set-up and Section 1 of the pattern.  This should take 135 minutes.

Lace leaf pattern:

Regular size – Do the set up and repeats 1-3 of the pattern.  This should take 95 minutes.

Medium size – Do the set up and repeats 1-3 of the pattern.  This should take 95 minutes.

Large size – Do the set up and repeats 1-4 of the pattern.  This should take 130 minutes.

NB: Do use a stitch marker to mark the spine stitch!

With both patterns, your knitting should look like this after the set up and one repeat:

 As I said previously, the time it will take will vary from week to week, but I am trying to make sure that we stop at natural breaks! 

If you have picked a mohair yarn for this project, great, but if you haven’t already done a test run, please do a quick test on another type of yarn as mohair sticks to itself and is hard to frog! 

Good luck and look forward to seeing the photos of your WIPs!



My fellow KAL moderator posts on Lace Leaf KAL eve!

sarah inskeep designs

Today is an exciting day, folks! You all know what I mean…! Not only is it the last day of March, it’s also Lace Leaf KAL Eve!

Are you excited? I know I am!

Today I’m making final preparations before the KAL begins tomorrow. For me, that means I’m doing things like:

Reading my Lace Leaf pattern through one more time, to be sure there isn’t something I missed… 

Winding my yarn into balls…     

Laying out my needles… 

And setting up my project on Ravelry!

In fact, would all of you fellow KALers set up your Lace Leaf KAL project on Ravelry and then select the option to “share” it with our Lace Leaf KAL group please? That way, we can all share, see, and enjoy each other’s work as the KAL progresses!

Once your project is set up, all you need to do to share your project…

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