*bloomin* flower cushion

So, substitute the old fashioned instead-of-swear word for a swear word of your choice. For the third time this pattern has had me. I’ve gone wrong way back AGAIN. Why this should happen I do not know because I’ve used the back pattern for several cushions I’ve done and have not gone wrong on any of them. ARGH.

Mollie’s contribution to the muttering & swearing was to come and sit in from of me and look concerned:


To add insult to injury, the more I did the petals/ frills the less I liked them. While I thought I was going right I could force myself to finish but I don’t intend to crochet it from the fifth row again…

Thank you for everyone who said they thought it was pretty. I do think it’s a pretty pattern but it’s not my taste. And I don’t appear to be able to cope with it.

So, I am probably never ever going to attempt it again and just admire everyone else’s.

In a moment of sheer cathartic pleasure I have just put the whole wretched thing in the bin. Good riddance to that.

Anyway, I dug out my Cashmerino stash, worked out a colour scheme and cast on retirement present mark two: a plain striped cushion.

That new colour is actually a pretty pinky lavender.

And this is the remaining colour sequence:


So that is that.

And now dear friends I am going to bed.