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A weekend in York

Just back from my weekend. I’m pretty tired after a long drive but for a large part of it Sam and I talked about patterns and yarn, so that was fun!

Soooo just before I left on Friday I *might* have cast on another pair of socks… My blue Rowan felted tweed ones are at the point where I need to keep trying them on to get the size right. Not ideal when you’re out & about! My new ones are Katia Ole Sock Rainbow which is a lovely fuzzy yarn and very soft.

I did a few rounds at a services on the M1 on Friday:


This is the gorgeous yarn:


I’m doing a 3×1 rib, so this is the right side:


And this the wrong side, which appeals to me a lot:


On Saturday lunchtime, I took an hour off and walked up to The Shambles to visit Ramshambles, which is a lovely independent local yarn store right in the heart of this beautiful & ancient city. It’s tiny but perfectly formed and has a good stock of good brands but I was on the hunt for something local. Usually when you ask for locally produced stuff you’re pointed towards the expensive and often luxurious hand dyed skeins. Yesterday I was pointed at a whole wall of West Yorkshire Spinners woolly goodness! Absolutely gorgeous colours, a good selection of weights, very competitively priced and all produced locally. I could have purchased a significant amount but I resisted and treated myself to two balls of sock yarn. Look at these colours!


I obviously need to see how it knits up but I can definitely see myself buying some other weights and colours from this brand in the future.

I also bought these sheep stitch markers. I didn’t need them but I couldn’t resist!

A shop definitely worth a visit!

Across the weekend I also cracked on during my occasional spare moments with the retirement cushion!


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Mine was inspiring and contained yarn. Can’t ask for more really!


Knitting at Exeter Services…

Yes really! I’m having a break before going to Exeter University to take part in a debate.


20140228-175958.jpg Behind my knitting is my speech. It’s 5mins 30 secs long. It’s supposed to be 5mins long. I sat down to do a bit of pruning, discovered I had no pen and was forced to buy a BIC biro for 99p. 99P!!!!!!! I was outraged. I’m still outraged. Anyway here’s hoping it’s now 5mins or the chair doesn’t use a stopwatch….

On the outside I have my best purple Anna Scholtz dress and black boots on:

20140228-180344.jpg but I’m wearing handknit yellow socks!

20140228-180424.jpg YAY for yellow socks! (And apologies for the unintentional advertising in that last pic!)

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Colour vs grey

I love colour. In yarn:


In life:


20140227-190701.jpg pictures of bits of my kitchen!

In things I use all the time:

20140227-190912.jpg my current favourite scarf & bag, phone & Mollie’s collar & lead…

So WHY do I want to knit myself a grey cardy? I own one grey item of clothing, a stretchy skirt, which I am currently wearing with cerise pink tights and a blue green & pink flowery tunic. I don’t do grey. But I’m obsessed with the idea of a grey cardigan! This pattern or this pattern or this pattern… (One of the reasons I love Ysolda Teague’s patterns is because she does them in all sizes up to quite large. Quite apart from they’re lovely.) And possibly this yarn. Or this. Or THIS. I’m hoping the feeling goes off before I end up buying half a ton of *expensive* grey yarn and then get FED UP half way up the back….


Emergency knitting kit…

I had to go to London again today; I prepared my bag, including my knitting last night, because we had to leave at 7am. I sat down on the train, opened my bag and realised my knitting wasn’t there. No, it was sitting on the arm of the chair at home, where I’d put it when checking I had my portable phone charger… My Facebook post just sums up how I felt:


As knitting is what I like to do on the train, my quiet concentrated time, I have to admit I was pretty annoyed with myself. I determined that as soon as my meetings were over I would get a taxi across the river to iKnit London, just behind Waterloo station, the closest independent yarn store to where I was. So mid afternoon I arrived there. If you haven’t come across this store before, I totally recommend a visit or checking out their hand dyed yarn online. I initially picked up a pre-wound ball of yarn but the really helpful and smiley woman in the shop said it would be no trouble to wind a ball from a skein if I wanted. And I wanted! So I chose a yellow skein of their hand dyed superwash merino sock wool with a sparkle thread through it and picked up some 2.5mm birch DPNs.

So when I was on the train home I took a picture of my emergency knitting kit!

20140123-223014.jpg I picked up the cute badge for my friend Maxine who owns my local yarn store too.

And so, here’s my 2014 knitting on trains #3! Using the Churchmouse Classic pattern:



Stitch markers!

I promise this is the last post from me tonight! Got home this evening to two parcels. The plain brown envelope had these gorgeous things in them:

20140121-195926.jpg D bought me some smaller ones of these from Atomic Knitting for Christmas. I recommend them highly as they have no weight and don’t catch on things.

And the second purple envelope had this inside:

20140121-200200.jpg I’d started opening it before I decided to photograph it!

And inside were these beautiful stitch markers I ordered from Crafty Cat Knitty Bits on Folksy (if you click on the link be sure to visit Lucie’s shop too!).



And Crafty Cat is on Etsy too!


I am utterly delighted with this little lot and they were very affordable too.

Update! I just found this little extra package from Crafty Cat in the wrapping as I was clearing up!

20140121-203155.jpg yay!


Today on the needles…

First up the newest project. I wanted to knit Stephen West’s Solfar for my brother in law (at his request) but I’m still on a yarn buying ban (self imposed) plus one of my New Year’s resolutions is to reduce the stash… So, I had a rummage today and came up with 10 balls of King Cole Sundae that I’ve had for YEARS. They date back to before I became a yarn snob anyway as the yarn is 100% nylon and not exactly delicious to knit with. But as my brother in law has an issue with wool and he just wants this for at home to wear when his back is bad (he has a scoliosis), I thought it might do for a first iteration, to see if he likes a poncho as much as he thinks he will.

The pattern calls for Aran weight yarn on 5.5mm circulars. However, although I thought it looked like an Aran weight, turns out Sundae is a bulky/chunky yarn. I think it’s because it goes thick and thin. Nothing daunted, as I am in many ways the ultimate bodger when it comes to crafting, I just cast on using a 5mm circular instead. I reckon it’ll turn out roughly the same size…. Plus I don’t have a 5.5mm circular it turns out!


The only other projects I have on the go (as in they are downstairs being actively worked on as opposed to upstairs stored away and officially hibernating on Ravelry) are the High Line cardigan which I am half way through the left front:


And the little Simply Recycled cardy for my niece for Easter, which I’ve only worked a little on:


I’ve slightly amended my plans for January – March; I’ve decided to make my niece a cardigan she can wear on our visit to Australia, so in a cotton mix rather than Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino; my cushions are finished, the other projects are cast-on. The only other change is rather than prioritising finishing Cordial, the super-chunky cardigan, I’m going to make my Mum a cardigan in a lightweight cotton, again for our trip to Australia.

Upstairs the blanket of guilt is getting a little bit done on it every night (apart from last night as I was too tired!) and this week I will cast on a pair of socks for the KAL. Really, all is good with the world. 😄

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FO: Hedera socks

They’re done!






Now I can cast on the first suggested pattern for Knitting Sarah‘s sock KAL on the 15th without feeling guilty. These are actually too big for me – I made them to fit me unstretched (yeah, Doh!) – so I shall block them and give them to my sister, who has bigger feet than me, at some point. On the three occasions I actually got stuck into knitting these, I really enjoyed this Cookie A pattern and recommend it highly!


A Sunday of knitting

This morning, in anticipation of starting Knitting Sarah‘s sock KAL on the 15th, I dug out the wool I want to use; two balls of Rowan felted tweed and my 3.25mm KnitPro DPNs:

I’ve never used these DPN’s – a couple of Christmases ago D bought me a fantastic set of KnitPro DPNs in sizes 2, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3 and 3.25mm – as well as portable boxes to keep them in when they’re not in their pouch!

I also pulled out my unfinished Cookie A Hedera socks. I’ve finished one and am half way through the second. According to my Ravelry page I started them in June 2011!


I don’t know why I’ve been so anti socks recently because going back 3 or 4 years I knitted quite a few pairs. I have one lonely green sock waiting for its pair as well!


So, with the KAL in mind I turned the heel on the Hedera socks and picked up the stitches all the way around the gusset. I am going to do a little bit everyday and hopefully finish before the 15th when I’m going to cast on for the Churchmouse Classic basic sock which is the first CAL pattern!



I’ve also done a little bit on the left front of the High Line cardigan and cast on a cute little cardigan in Sirdar Simply Recycled for my niece. I like to have different types of knitting to do, so it isn’t unusual for me to have three or four projects on the go at the same time. Both of these are planned for the next few months!


And finally, I am very pleased with my new tidy knitting box. Normally under the table beside where I sit on the sofa is stuffed full of bags of knitting projects. I had to move them when I put the Christmas Tree up and then I was given a lovely basket for Christmas… So rather than bring everything back downstairs, I put the current projects I’m *actually* working on in the basket and it it under the table (and stored everything else tidily away with the stash!). See how tidy it looks!


And the inside. I love it! The only thing not in there is the white cardy, which is in my knitting bag 😄


Anyway, back to work tomorrow 😫 which I’m not looking forward to. I’ve enjoyed spending a lot of time with Mollie and my yarn. Oh and D and the family too of course!