I forgot to mention we decorated our sitting room!

20140726-215919-79159960.jpg Mollie laughing at me.

Well we did. We decided to paint the walls neutral (they’re two Dulux toning shades called Ivory Lace & Hay Bale) as we’d ordered a new teal sofa. We had the new carpet put down. Neutral with black flecks in to hide the Labrador fur…. The sofa arrived. It was *slightly * larger than we expected…




I like it but it feels very bare at present. I think I need more colourful crochet or knitted cushions (in the same Noro Kureyon), a standard lamp behind the sofa and maybe a larger picture on the wall. And a rug. My sister is encouraging me to crochet one in Aran weight. Anyway the room is done. Now I just need to put all the crap previously resident in the sitting room somewhere else. I suspect half of it will be filed in the dustbin.

8 thoughts on “I forgot to mention we decorated our sitting room!

  1. love the color of the sofa! And the cushions really pop on it. Rooms are never really “done” are they? Lots of cool art DIYs on the internet, you could have some fun with it!


    1. I’m so lazy once it’s done it’ll stay that way for 10 years. Or more. I do love the sofa. I’m not sure about the carpet which was supposed to be beige but is actually brown. Hmmmmm


      1. it might stay the same for ten years, but every now and then you will add something perfect to it.

        I like that idea of a crocheted rug. that will spark up the rug. 🙂


  2. Sofa envy here. I’ve always wanted a corner sofa but never had a room to take one. I think those additions you’ve described will just bring it all together. And you have an excuse for more cushions!


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