Lace Leaf KAL Week 1!

Thank you very much for joining. Hope you have your yarn, needles and pattern and have set your project up on Ravelry so we can all see it in progress…

Instructions for week 1:

Blackthorn pattern

Do the set-up and Section 1 of the pattern.  This should take 135 minutes.

Lace leaf pattern:

Regular size – Do the set up and repeats 1-3 of the pattern.  This should take 95 minutes.

Medium size – Do the set up and repeats 1-3 of the pattern.  This should take 95 minutes.

Large size – Do the set up and repeats 1-4 of the pattern.  This should take 130 minutes.

NB: Do use a stitch marker to mark the spine stitch!

With both patterns, your knitting should look like this after the set up and one repeat:

 As I said previously, the time it will take will vary from week to week, but I am trying to make sure that we stop at natural breaks! 

If you have picked a mohair yarn for this project, great, but if you haven’t already done a test run, please do a quick test on another type of yarn as mohair sticks to itself and is hard to frog! 

Good luck and look forward to seeing the photos of your WIPs!

10 thoughts on “Lace Leaf KAL Week 1!

  1. Reblogged this on sarahinskeep and commented:
    Today’s the big day, friends! The Lace Leaf KAL has officially begun!
    My Co-Moderator (and The Brains Behind This Event), Claire, has posted our first week’s instructions…


  2. Boo boo, put off starting this on weds because (among other things) my 3.5mm needles were in use, just reread pattern prior to starting and it calls for 4mm anyway! But now my 4mm are in use!! Time to try out my stoppers for my interchangeable circulars…

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    1. If you’re using Knit Pro, the stoppers they come with are great. I’ve never had a problem. Though if you haven’t started yet, 4.5s would be fine if you don’t mind a slightly lacier feel.


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