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TA-DAH! FO – Owl blanket

It’s not blocked but as the baby it’s intended for is now 10 days overdue I don’t think I’m going to risk it. Though I would like to. Hmm will have to think about it. The baby is D’s new granddaughter and he is very excited and will want to dash off up to where his son and daughter in law live as soon as she’s born, taking the gifts we’ve collected and made for her with him.

I am so pleased with this! Regular readers of this blog will no doubt have been astonished at my commitment to one thing over the last month?! I genuinely haven’t touched anything else – I’ve neglected my Socks with Sarah KAL and my iMake snowflake CAL to get this done. I’m going you be trying to catch up over the next few weeks!

I had intended to add a wavy or picot edging but D, who rarely engages with my knitting or crochet, said he thought anymore would spoil it. So I just added a slip stitch edge:



40 thoughts on “TA-DAH! FO – Owl blanket

  1. I’ve loved watching this evolve, and the finished blanket is GORGEOUS! You have made something truly beautiful. The owls are cute, the colours work perfectly, and the pale background makes the bright colours sing. Hope Little One is born safely and soon.


  2. Awesome blanket! You really finished it in record time too. It’ s a beautiful gift you are giving them.


  3. Oh wow! That’s absolutely stunning. I love all the bright colours, with the one background to tie it all in. I really want to say “block it”, as I’m always much happier with my stuff after it’s been blocked, but if baby is all ready overdue, that might jinxing things. You just get it blocked, ready to start drying, and the phone will ring with news of the birth! 😀


  4. That is one fabulously gorgeous blanket! You could press with an iron and a damp cloth rather than a full block. Ready much quicker if you don’t mind the work.


  5. I love this blanket! You chose beautiful colours. I’m tempted to try this pattern myself but with navy instead of white as the background, so they looked like night owls! What do you think? Would it work?


    • Yes it definitely would! If you do, I can let you have all the extensive mods I made to the original pattern which is fussier (octagons etc) if you like. Plus the bits I didn’t feel worked?


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