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Knitting Niece

This has to be my best ta-dah ever! 

In other news, my lovely sister modeled Sophora for me:

She liked it so  much she didn’t want to take it off so I have committed to making her a Woolly Wormhead slouchy hat!

The family dogs were all together: 

Lucy (front left) and Dilly (front right) are litter siblings.  Their Mum was a springer spaniel and their Dad a golden retriever. They are such lovely dogs.  Mollie loves them in moderation!

Today I knitted a little dress for Betty Bunny.  Sarah and I had given ourselves until next weekend to do the dress but I still have to block, sew it up, sew the ends in and find a suitable button! 

I got out my baby cashmerino stash this afternoon and have been planning other dresses 🙂

Right, time to go to bed and prepare for a busy week!

11 thoughts on “Knitting Niece

  1. That is such a good ‘Ta-da!’ Another generation learns the skill! Miss Bunny’s dress is quite adorable – she is going to look quite something all dressed up! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to create something entirely yourself! It does make me sigh for babies and toddlers!!

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    1. Oh goodness it doesn’t make me do that! It is for my niece for her 10th birthday. She still plays with her toys and I think she is the right age to appreciate something hand made with lots of knitted dresses! It might spur her on with her knitting if she wants to make more dresses…

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    1. haha re nails – I’m deficient in vitamins B12 and D and my nails go through phases of flaking. Sometimes I just need to cut them right off and start again. So, we’re at the repainting point again. I’m thinking neon orange this week…


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