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There’s the non edible type. 


Making the cakes: 

And the finished cakes! 

Back left Countess Ablaze, Lord Kitchener’s Lace in colour way Bad Girls Club; back middle, Devon Sun Yarns, Aran in colour way Spring Rainbow; back right Cat and Sparrow fibres, DK in colour way Great Ocean Road; front left Mothy & The Squid, sock yarn in colour way Hummingbird Stripes; front right Mothy & The Squid, sock yarn in Grey Skies, Rainbow Brite. 😊

And then of course there’s edible cake! 

It was my Mum’s birthday. My niece decorated the cake. She operates on the family principle of More Is More…

Yes my Mum is that age and no, she really doesn’t look it. (Side note I take after my Dad…)

7 thoughts on “Cakes

  1. The yarn is stunning! The colours of each of them all work so amazingly well together, and seeing them all together, as in the photo above, makes me think of an artists palette. Beautiful, Salpal. Absolutely, amazingly, stunningly beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to Mum too ….and … any cake left? (Just in case you need any help eating it, of course). lol
    Love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. ahhh …At last I can comment again! I tried to post this earlier on and the system just couldn’t seem to load properly, so here I am back again to put right what I typed earlier this morning.
      … I called you ‘Salpal’ in the comment above, and of course, as you know … you’re not Salpal at all!
      [double sigh]
      What a total idiot and fool I am. I was typing a message to you while at the same time, inside my head I was thinking … ‘cooo… everyone’s beat me to it and already left messages ages ago. Salpal was first to comment!’
      And because of that thought, Salpal came out of my fingers, when in fact MollieandClaire should have been popping out.

      Sorry MollieandClaire… I shall blame old age – all the time wishing I could come up with something cool and trendy to blame it on. lol
      Love ~ Cobs. x


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