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Liebster award for Mollie and Claire


I have been really humbled that over the last month three different and wonderful bloggers have nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you all so very much. I had to go away and have a bit of a Google as to what it actually was and it turns out to be a very fluid and relaxed way of paying a compliment to a fellow blogger. The original ones when it started didn’t include questions and it was 3-5 blogger nominees. But I like it when things grow and change, so I’m going by what the people who nominated me did. Those wonderful people, whose blogs I love, are:

Midknit Owl
Ruby the Black Labrador

The Leibster Award is given by bloggers, to bloggers, and it’s purpose is to highlight blogs with under 200 followers that deserve a look. Encouraging people to visit blogs that others enjoy seems like a great initiative. The rules for the award are pretty straightforward:
1. Post eleven facts about myself
2. Answer the questions given to me by the person who nominated me
3. Invent eleven questions to ask people whom I wish to nominate for the award
4. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.
5. Go to their blog and tell them.

Here goes with 11 FACTS ABOUT ME

1. I am a feminist

2. I am a campaigner for assisted dying

3. I am governor at a Special Educational Needs School

4. I am a vegetarian with a severe nut allergy

5. I like bright colours: in clothes, yarn and home furnishings!

6. Mollie was a wedding present from my husband when we got married in 2006. He had her brought to the wedding reception with her mother and there are pictures of me cuddling her in my wedding dress! We collected her after our honeymoon.

7. I have three adult stepsons and a 3 year old step grandson

8. I do most of my knitting for my Mum, sister and 8 year old niece

9. I maintain my Awesome Auntie (his words) status with my 11 year old nephew by freely purchasing apps for his iPod…

10. Mollie has an outrageously large wardrobe of matching collars and leads from – they’re made from Liberty prints – but only wears them outside of the house

11. Mollie has a twitter account with 1285 followers… @mollie_the_lab


1. Do you prefer Live TV or DVR?
Definitely live TV.

2. What makes you click the “follow blog” button on someone else’s blog?
Because it’s interesting or amusing or both.

3. Apple or PC?
Ah, tough one. I don’t have an Apple computer – I use a PC at work and I like that but I am OBSESSED with my iPad.

4. What was your favorite hobby when you were a child?
Reading. Most Enid Blyton!

5. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, as I don’t drink tea. But it has to be proper coffee, not instant.

6. Where in the world is favorite place to visit?
At the moment it would be the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Of all the places on Tenerife, I would say the volcanic landscape round Mt Teide is pretty special, as is the beach at La Montana Roja

7. How did you learn to do your craft?
My grandmothers taught me.

8. If you could pick another craft to be really great at, what would it be?
Sewing. I would love to be able to make my own clothes.

9. Do you prefer paper books or e-books?
It definitely depends. I love catching up on old favourites on my iPad but I also like my paper books. I am torn on this one.

10. What is in your topics search on your wordpress reader page?

11. What is your favorite movie?


1. Rain or snow?
I live on the Mendip Hills where it always rains so I have to go for snow, though I am quite ambivalent to that as well. I think it’s very pretty, but I don’t like walking in it.

2. How did you first start knitting and/or crafting?
When I was a child my grandmothers taught me.

3. Would you prefer to live somewhere very warm, or somewhere very cold?
Very warm and dry would be ideal for my lungs (asthmatic) – somewhere in the Canary Islands.

4. What’s the strangest place you’ve ever knitted/crafted?
I don’t think I have a particularly strange place – the strangest looks I got was on an internal flight in Australia from Melbourne to Tasmania.

5. If you had to invite three historical figures to dinner, who would they be?
This is impossibly hard. Probably the Pankhurst’s so I could thank them.

6. What talent would you like to learn?
Ooh, now that’s wide open. I’d like to learn to play golf. But I’d also like to learn to sew/ quilt.

7. Favourite movie?

8. First pet?
My first own pet and not one owned by my parents was Fionnuala, a elderly crossbreed (collie and Manchester Terrier we think) who we rescued from a rescue that specialised in rehoming elderly dogs that had been abandoned.
This is Fionnuala sitting in the washing basket!

9. British comedy or US sitcom?
It depends, either if they’re good.

10. If you could go on holiday right this minute, where would you go?
Greece. I have a hankering to go and look at some ancient Greek sites.

11. Favourite Sunday afternoon activity?
Sitting in my Mum’s conservatory or on my sofa knitting

QUESTIONS I HAVE TO ANSWER from Rubytheblacklabrador

1. Why did you start your blog?
I was challenged to start writing creatively again. I haven’t done it since my degree and I didn’t know where to start. My favourite subjects (knitting and Mollie) seemed a good place to start.

2. Where is your favourite place you’ve travelled to?
A toss up between Tenerife and Sydney. Tenerife for sunshine and incredible scenery and Sydney is the only city I’ve ever thought I would like to live in.

3. What is your favourite food?
Definitely pizza!

4. Where are you originally from and where do you live now?
I was born in Aylesbury but I grew up in Dublin and have chosen to live in Somerset as an adult.

5. What do you want to do on your next holiday?
I’m off to Poland to visit Krakow and Rabka Zdjoy in July. I’m hoping to visit the amber market in Krakow!

6. How do you keep fit?
Erm……………… *laughs* Well, I do walk but I’m really not very fit. Mollie gallops about as I mooch round the field. I doubt there’s a lot of cardio-vascular activity going on. I need to improve this and lose weight, but I get sidetracked by food and knitting.

7. What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have not done yet?
I have always wanted to walk the Pennine Way, which considering my answer to the previous question is really rather ludicrous.

8. Who is your favourite author?
Terry Pratchett

9. What is your biggest fear?

10. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
I try to only have two.

11. What kind of blogs do you like to follow?
Mostly knitting based ones, but I am rather partial to a Labrador too…

1. What is your favourite time of the day and why?
2. When do you write your blog posts?
3. How important is your blog to you?
4. Where have you been that you would really recommend people to visit?
5. Champagne or Cider?
6. What is the best gig you’ve ever been to?
7. Recycling or Upcycling?
8. Who is your favourite knitwear designer?
9. What is your favourite yarn?
10. If you had to recommend an unusual yarn to yarn fans, what would you chose and why?
11. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

The Land Rover Owner’s Wife
What I’m Up To Today
A Conversation With Moo
Pixelknit’s Ponderings
Not Your Average Crochet – this is cheating as she has 202 followers, but she is great so I feel justified.
Sew Much Choice
Vix Knits
Brown Bird Vintage

I have tried very hard to check everyone has less than 200 followers (apart from the honourable exception above) but if I’ve made a mistake, and you have hundreds of followers, I’m very sorry – it is meant in the nicest way!

If they hadn’t already nominated me or been nominated recently (that I know about), there are many others I would have included!

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